1. freddykrueger profile image54
    freddykruegerposted 8 years ago

    emotionally disable,no tears to show/fallen apart inside ,my heart ready to go/feeling a heart attack on my left side/where the medicine,oh my ,theres no time/ my life about to flatline should of seen the signs/a tingle here and there i was unattentive/my life,i took it for granted,figured ima live it/it never crossed my mind how short it is/ran through the day not once stopping to enjoy it/life being articulated,imaginatively,pictures spoken of vividly/living irresponsible,dangerously,unchatacteristically/being secretively,lonely,keeping within my membrane/at points on the verge of insanity,only feeling pain/the cold chills down my spine/not seeing death ready to cut the cord on my life/the light grows bigger the closer i get to it/i hear voices all around saying we losing him/im trying what do they expect im working hard/it was just a dream thank god/

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      pooja0908posted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I think you are feeling better now.