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    wbm777posted 8 years ago

    Another night more, Alicia rose frightened of the bed when hearing the desperate shouts of Dark brown. Already months ago Dark brown, they called as it habitually, it underwent intense and horrible nightmares and their mother, did not know that more it could make tranquilize to him. Scared by the supposed monsters that slept under the bed and within its closet, Dark brown he was incapable to sleep a single whole night. The hour to go away to the bed had become, to its six years, in an authentic Calvary as much for, as for its parents. That one night, was not going to be different from the others and Alicia, sleepy means, advanced by the corridor until the room of its son.

    - Love, love… wake up, are only a nightmare. Alicia seated in the bed said caressing to its small one.

    Between shouts and completely sweated, Dark brown it was on the awares and it watched his around.

    -They were mother there, like every night! The small one with its eyes dampened by the tears exclaimed.
    - Dark brown, you and I are nobody here except for.
    - When your you arrive disappear, but I promise to you that they are there.
    - It is well, I am going to watch all sides, so that you see that they are not.

    While Alicia watched all the room from top to bottom, Dark brown it hoped seated in its bed.

    - Mother.
    - She tell me.
    -They are possible to be taken to me?
    -That triviality is that!
    - It is that today they have said to me that they are going to take to me with them.

    For a moment, Alicia was worried but later, recovering the sanity it answered:

    - That is absolutely impossible.

    Then, like all the nights, Alicia wrapped to Dark brown and left the small light of the ignited corridor. Ever since those nightmares had appeared, his son did not support to sleep in the dark. Then, he returned to his bed and he tried to conciliate the dream again. Nevertheless, the last words of their son did not stop giving returns in their mind. And if there were something her could not see?

    To the morning following, fed up with psychologists and sterile solutions, Alicia it decided to consult to another type of expert; to the proprietor of the esoteric bookstore of the population.

    - The monsters, the ogros and other fantastic imagery do not exist, but other things exist that we cannot explain.
    -Because? Intrigued Alicia asked.
    - Some times, there are emaciated beings that to eyes of the children pronounce themselves with forms by recognizable them. , Which its son sees are not monsters, but souls perhaps removed flesh in search of light.
    - Yes light, vital energy. Something that the children emit in excess and than they suffer.
    -Can those souls take it?
    - He is not most habitual but it exists some precedent. Memory for years in Italy the case of Amanda Cruse, an adolescent who after realising one ouija with its friendly disappeared of the Earth face.
    - But a thing is that it disappeared and other than outside fruit of “beings”.
    - Yes, by all means, except for because the week it began to communicate with his family through computer.
    - It hears As it. It was the first case of mails sent from another dimension.
    -And it could not send them she herself from another country?
    - No. registered the mail to identify the IP from that they were sent and was no form to find no. It was as if mails had been autogenerated in the own computer. But, in case it was some doubt, girl gave to his family data of people that was with her, so that they even verified that they were deads, data that only the family of the deceased could know.
    -And what happened with the girl?
    - A day stopped communicating and it never became that is to say from her.
    - He was horrible
    -How I can know if something thus happens in my house?
    - It is difficult.

    They had in the morning to be the five when whine woke up an acute it. Alicia was gotten up again and, without doubting it, it went until the room of Dark brown. Nevertheless, nothing was preparation so it saw when entering the room. All the objects of that one quarter seemed to have summoned up own life. The lights, the objects and until the furniture had initiated a species of macabre dance whose threads had, at least, to move some invisible being to their eyes. Where he was Dark brown? It was asked terrified before that one Dantesque spectacle. It watched after all the room while, in the heat of hysteria attack, called to its husband. Then, in some place outside the room, it heard the weak voice of his son called who it. Nervous, Alicia was shown to the window to discover that Dark brown it was in the arms of a strange being, a being who, taken hold to the trunk of the oak of the garden, maintained to his son suspended in the air, while the small one, terrified, fluttered its arms trying to escape. Suddenly, the being disappeared like by Dark brown art of magic and with him. Alicia and Juanjo looked for during all night their son; first single and soon with the aid of the police. Sam did not appear.

    -And say you who that being era of brown color and which mediates about 70 or eighty centimeters at the most? The proprietor of the esoteric bookstore asked.
    - Yes he was a lean and horrible being. Alicia exclaimed.
    - And soon it disappeared….
    - Indeed.
    - If it were not because they do not exist would swear that it speaks to me of a genie.
    -How it says? , What…?

    Jaime took from the shelf superior a great and dusty book. He abrió soon it and he showed Alicia an illustration to him of a genie.

    -He was this what you saw?
    -God! Yes, that is I generate del that spoke to him.
    - This leaves the current and the reasonable thing. The man said not giving returned from a side to another one of the back room. The genies do not exist!
    - I do not know if they exist or no, but what I saw, it is looked much like that.

    Rascando the head in disagreement signal, Jaime read kindly aloud what that one old Bestiario said about those beings.

    “Its height can approximately be from 25 cm to average and average meter and, but the majority measures between 30 and 70 cm. Its aspect is verily low and dumpy, their legs are short and bent (almost identical to a wood), the arms they are long like its extended and fine hands and their fingers. The color of its skin is brown, its nose is long and thin, of pointed ears, its great and black eyes. Extremely they are distrusted and they can live indifferently in any place that they choose, although are very select with the site where they are going to create its home. Usually they live underneath a bramble, of an oak, in a cave either in the ruins of any left strength or. They do not like to have contact with the humans, they become infuriated and they can get to be dangerous. They less do not tolerate an invasion of the humans in its land and near its homes, that are where are their families; unless especially allow they it by some circumstance. If they feel threatened it can be very aggressive.”

    - But if as says the book hates the humans, Why they were going to take son?
    - How hostage. He affirmed a voice behind the door that he gave to the bookstore.

    Both were shown to see of that were that one voice. After the door, a young boy of somewhat sinister aspect watched to them with face of circumstances.

    - Pardon by the interference but I could not avoid to hear to them and if of something I know much and, he is on those beings. He said Pedro.
    -Why you say that like hostage? Jaime asked.
    - Very easy. They hate the men. The unique reason to raptar to a boy, is to negotiate or to demand something.
    -God santo! Alicia exclaimed.
    -To demand what? Jaime asked
    - Dígame, where live you?
    - Then in one he marries isolated in the right slope of the Saladar de Agramón.
    -She is one marries new?
    - Yes, we bought the land two years ago we sent and it to construct.
    - All it squares…
    - I do not understand.
    - You in half Live on the nature and to good certainly its house invaded a space that long ago belonged to the genies.
    -How you say?
    - If its house is you are contiguous in them or in the middle of a land that belongs to them, it knows clearly that they will not stop until they go away. It wants to reclaim his son?
    -Sure! What asks is that?
    - Because it destroys the house.
    - But, What nonsense…?
    - The one that the boy says has its logic, but it must have another solution. It pointed Jaime.
    - It would be necessary to negotiate and as they are not easy…
    - Ayúdanos please. Alicia begged.
    - It is well. Llévame where all this began.
    - I also accompany to you. He said to Jaime taking the keys of the store.

    Once in the house and after explaining to him to Juanjo they knew all it on that one being, Pedro told some things them more on the genies.

    - You will see, is a pair of things that can help us. They adore to eat, to drink and precious jewels or objects. That can be a form to attract them up to here. On the other hand, they own diverse magical gifts, like the one of being invisible, but those gifts disappear against something as insignificant as a clover of four leaves.
    - I cannot think that we are speaking in serious. Juanjo exclaimed watching them to all with astonishment and indignation. Your son disappears and you dedicate yourself to speak of genies and foretell.
    - I know what I saw and assure to you that she was not of this world. Alicia hurt by that one affirmation answered. And in addition, I do something at least. What have made you since Dark brown disappeared?

    Without crossing more words, Juanjo took the keys of the car and it left infuriated.

    -And now what? Alicia asked trying to forget the happened thing.
    - Well. First we would have to buy clovers of four leaves.
    - I know a center gardening sells that them in flowerpots. It added Jaime.
    - Perfect. We have once, we will fill them the entrance of the rich house of manjares, liquors and came and we will surround the zone with the clovers. Only we will have left to hope.
    -And soon? Alicia asked.
    - We will have to catch at least to one. It is the unique form in which we can negotiate.

    They happened near three hours and everything followed in calm. All began to irritate.
    Nevertheless, when they were on the verge of occurring by won, something imperceptible to the human eye shook slightly the branches of the shrubs that surrounded the property.

    -Kind! It whispered Pedro.

    As Pedro suspected, as soon as that one exceeded the threshold where they had placed the clovers, a stranger and tidbit to be became visible before its eyes. Without doubting it, and before the overwhelmed eyes of Alicia, Pedro and Jaime they were sent to by him. In spite of trying to defend itself, that one horrible and small monster could not escape.

    -Soltadme, soltadme! That one creature exclaimed.
    -When you loosen Dark brown! Alicia answered leaving the critical moment in which it had remained immersed.
    - The fault is yours, you you destroyed our home. Who commanded to you to come? That one infuriated being said.
    -And if you reached an agreement? He asked Pedro.
    -Agreement? It asked surprised the genie.
    -In exchange for what you would give back Dark brown? It interrupted Alicia.
    - Uummmm… of which you leave the house. It answered with dry and sharp voice.
    - That is not to negotiate. It pointed Alicia approaching that one noxious animal. And if it assured food and drink on a daily basis to you? We could coexist peacefully?

    The genie watched with distrust to Alicia.

    - That is not sufficient. In addition I love my oak! … my oak!
    -Your oak? Jaime asked.
    - Yes, that old tree is my home. When they arrived we had mudar.

    The three watched perplex that one tree.

    - Yours it is. Alicia without doubting it answered.

    That same afternoon, Dark brown, that did not remember anything of the happened thing, returned to house and Alicia fulfilled the fiance'. That same night, Alicia counted the happened thing to Juanjo and this, although skeptical, seeing his son of return in house, it decided to help Alicia to fence the old oak so that it was outside the land. Since then, every Alicia night left next to the iron door a full tray of food and wine that, to the following morning, completely appeared empty. More they never returned to see the genies, nevertheless, since then, the garden shines a beautiful and thick turf with clovers.

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    goldenpathposted 8 years ago

    Please place this in a hub format.  Good story line but really needs to be composed as a hub and not a forum thread.  Good job though! smile


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