1. SARAHQUILL78 profile image56
    SARAHQUILL78posted 7 years ago

    I was never a believer in what I couldn't see

    A miracle was something that would never happen to me

    but then I learned there was to be,

    a tiny life growing inside of me,

    the epitome of innocence in my womb

    a delicate rosebud, waiting to bloom,

    and even though I never knew my faith

    or divinity,

    on that day i knew,

    it was God who had come to bless me

    So, when they told me I was too young to know,

    what I was getting myself into,

    to think of my life,

    and all that I had yet to do,

    I placed my hand on my stomach and my only thoughts were of you

    and of how it'd be,

    to hold in my arms, a tiny extension of me

    and with their words do the right thing resounding in my head

    I chose not to listen

    and follow my heart instead

    i learned to believe even in what i couldn't see

    just by what i heard inside of me

    i knew it was possible to love someone

    who i had yet to meet

    all when i heard your tiny heartbeat

    On the day you were born

    I was no longer lost, I finally found home

    just by looking into eyes so much like my own

    I never knew a heaven

    or that a miracle could really be

    until the day god delivered you,

    an angel to me.

    1. nikki1 profile image59
      nikki1posted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Congrat.s on your baby. Nicely done.
      Boy or girl?

  2. Denise K Zimmerma profile image56
    Denise K Zimmermaposted 7 years ago

    Sarah, that was beautiful, congrats on you new born!!