A New Day

  1. jeric macam profile image53
    jeric macamposted 7 years ago

    Behind the rocks on the high mountain,
    The sun will rise to stop the rain.
    The goals we've set will come true,
    Wishes of the sun rays will shine, for two.

    As the sun come out from it's nest,
    The birds will fly to have a rest.
    As free as love we bear,
    On the wings of faith, breathe the air.

    And when the sun fully shine,
    The trees grows green and the flowers grows wild.
    The happiness that flourish in your eyes,
    From leaves, heaven scent cries.

    Still the sun shine on our heads,
    The crickets sings, the ants dances in an edge.
    As we dances through the music,
    The leaves swaying and clapping like magic.

    The sun shine...the sun still shine,
    The water goes clear, the land goes brown.
    As we sing happily and loudly,
    The beans kneels down forming a rosary.

    Behind the rocks of the mountain,
    Sadly, the sunset make a world grow dim.
    And both of us will fly away,
    Tomorrow, the sun will rise again...
         .....for a new day.

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      china manposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Nice happy little rhyme smile