Keep ya' Head up !

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    hitalotposted 7 years ago

    Although you were gone it will not be very long,

    You rolled the dice out on the table;
    You were dressed for success so right now you are able !
    A shooting star that solid gold !

    While the outside world can be so very cold !
    Now you will do what you are told until the rights to you are sold !

    Your music was all to very heavy and together !


    Still you were a down to Earth G -money homeboy !
    Who would be very often just driving in a chevy ?
    This is strictly a business its not about having any fun !
    You mess with Tupac so you would come undone !


    What a perfect gentleman he was with very smooth potential,

    Very often he would move so he was never found out !
    To become that of some residential,
    This hip hop melody is very coincidental !
    That rap show had elapsed through the passing of time,

    Still you were never found out by being wined, dined and sixty nined !

    Not a word said out of the rappers' mouth...,

    Not a tired bone in his body nor even a huched over slouch,

    Remember that big East Coast West Coast feud ?
    Very often he would just sit back smoking a big fat blunt while longing on the couch;
    Still clearer heads prevailed,


    Yet you still found out you'd be better off waiting in the sewer ?

    From all of your fans you will forever be missed;
    Now I'm left here with all of these skulls having visous fangs that bite !