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    UNLOVED ROHITposted 7 years ago

    Friends! With who I've been so long are now far from me
    Yes, it's all the pace of time I've felt and I do agree

    Tears fill up my eyes
    When I get to recall those colourful days
    And my face sheers up with a wide smile,
    When I get to refresh those funny acts we played for a while

    The moments we shared together are part of today
    I don't know how fast those golden times bid us away

    May my friends always remain glittering in their life like a star
    With enough power that can overcome all their disaster

    This is the way of life and we have to move on;
    Compromising millions of ups and downs that come on our ways to be renowned

    It feels like yesterday that we all were together
    But today everyone with a great aim is departed farther and farther

    Forgetting the pain of departure we have to smile friends;
    Realising our responsibilities and obligations in a wide sense

    Let's all we friends march ahead without any distraction;
    With the colourful wings of success leading to our destination