I need books to read!

  1. WorldCup~2010 profile image59
    WorldCup~2010posted 7 years ago

    Hi everyone! I was at Barn's N Noble earlier today, trying to find some good books to read in my spare time. I was wondering if any of you had some good book suggestions. Any type of book like the Rangers Apprentice series, the Hunger Game series, or any modern day war books would be great smile Thanks!

    1. Wesman Todd Shaw profile image98
      Wesman Todd Shawposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      You ought to join Shelfari, the networking site for readers.  You can read and publish your own book reviews there, join groups that fit your interest, etc.  You can add me if you wish-same name.

  2. Fruffles profile image60
    Frufflesposted 7 years ago

    I have read so many books throughout my short lifetime and hope to continue forever lol I personally own over 50 books that i've read at least three times each. Here is a list of my favorite books:

    The Stand
    The Long Walk
    The Talisman
    and Under the Dome by Stephan King

    Wake by Lisa McMann

    The Host by Stephanie Meyer (yeah she was the one who wrote the Twilight books, but don't hold that against her - The Host is amazing, i've read it like 10 times lol)

    Everlost, though i dont know who wrote it

    Step on a Crack
    and Run For Your Life by James Patterson

    City of Bones by Clarissa Clare

    and the Harry Potter series - JK Rowling