The Ridge

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    waynecaddigan@gooposted 7 years ago

    This was a great battle Military Soldiers fought with great
    courage. The sargent shouted out for all men to finally take this hill. A great darkness fell across this land as the sargent yelled at us to take a final head count of every single man on the hill. With a great will he finally yelled come on men it is finally the right time to take this hill. At this point time completely stood still it was a time for war a time to kill. We ran straight up that hill our eyes were set to kill what ever we could see. There was no time to think about tomorrow as bodies started falling to the ground.
        Soldiers were dying everywhere no time to think no time to
    spare. Running helplessly into the night we all prayed GOD would
    protect everyone of us. This was such an awful day our own worst
    dreams could not have turned out this way. When the battle was
    finally over we could all set our sights on a better tomorrow.
    All caught up in the thrill of victory we all took a moment to
    look back and see. What an effort it did take to win a battle in
    such a Godforsaken place. We all finally took a private moment
    to think all of these people who just got killed for one single