Love Seeketh Self To Please

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    hitalotposted 7 years ago

    When one is inited staying attached to the vine

    With sought of pleasing others in plight
    Many thereby look for an excursion or fight ?
    To delegate the notion of ever grasping mortification
    Perhaps in need of rest on a long awaited vacation

    Still love seeketh self to please
    Many have access to a car yet forget or lose the keys ?

    ( In his prophetic books, "William Blake" ( 1757-1827)
    Was a visionary who can be compared without blasphemy to the prophets of the old testament;
    In his life as a citizen of London,
    Blake was an unrecognized revolutionary of the human spirit,
    In the poems of the songs of innocence and of experience,
    He was the purest and most penetrating lyricist in the language;

    Among the great English poets he was and remains the one unclassifiable original.