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  1. chander mehra profile image59
    chander mehraposted 7 years ago

    I have posted a number of hubs about the novel JIHAD REDISCOVERED,banned so far by two Islamic states and Publish America discontinuing further production, possibly because of fear of repercusions from militant Islamists who may have threatened to go on the rampage.

    The novel may not be a literary masterpiece, but the Taliban do seem to be afraid of it, having influenced the clampdown in Libya and Pakistan. Nehru's successors in power in New Delhi should be made to examine the author's views.

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    Jaggedfrostposted 7 years ago

    You could always try Fox and see if they know of a publisher who has the balls to publish it.

    1. chander mehra profile image59
      chander mehraposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Thanx. But I can't get through to Fox or any other traditional media. Besides, being immobile on a wheelchair prevents me from going out personally even to the outfits I retired from some years ago. Spinelessness, I guess, has become the creed today's journalists of courage.

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    foreignpressposted 7 years ago

    You are correct in that everybody is afraid of the Muslim terrorists. And they have instilled fear into "journalists" who conviently find excuses to avoid reporting on extreme Islam. Amazon.com has the book listed on its site with the notation, "Not in stock; order now and we'll deliver when available."
      There are options, however. One option is to self-publish. This will cost you money initially for the printing but you might recoup the costs in sales over time.
      For distribution, people could order from you directly rather than having the book displayed in retail outlets. Free advertising is available on sites like HubPages, eBay and similar online auction sites. In fact, many self-published books are sold on eBay.
       A small press could print, collate, and bind the books inexpensively. The cover could be very simple with no color further reducing costs.
       Another idea is to create an e-book that is distributed online (for a fee). There are several hubs on how to do this. Still other options are Kindle and YouTube where you could narrate the book yourself.
       Considering that you're now handling the books yourself, what would be neat is to sign each book with a "Thank you." This is unique and very personal and seldom done by authors.
       I want a copy. In fact, I would buy several copies and it's possible other HP members would as well.

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    chander mehraposted 7 years ago

    You can't imagine how grateful I am for the first honest comment. Your suggestions are great but I have no money; all of it is going to the nursing home for stay and treatment. Publish America says it will destroy all plates, etc unless I opt to buy them at one-half its cost. Clever and intriguing. The publisher has obviously been ordered to destroy all evidence relating to the novel.
    The other day, even I received an early-morning mystery death threat. But I am no longer scared of death, having been through cancer and professional hazards.
    Do I believe in miracles? I don't know. I'm not brave at all, just bravado, stiff upper lip, I guess. I have just one copy of the novel, but I will be happy to e-mail he manuscript to you atyour e-mail ID.

    With kindest regards,