Could use some constructive feedback on this short story series...

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    Stories Inc.posted 7 years ago

    Hey hubbers,

    I started a short story series a while ago, but since then, it has evolved so much as to make the beginnings of a fantasy novel. … ies-part-1

    Since I'm by now quite positive I'm going to actually write a book, of which the short stories will be the first drafts of the first 4 (well, three and a half) chapter, and try to ultimately get it published, I could use some constructive criticism.

    By asking for second opinions now (since the series is almost at its end with one part left to go), I hope to keep going in the right direction while I'm writing and keep an eye on audience responses rather than spend years mending it afterwards.

    So, to conclude this rather long plea: could you please tell me what you think? Any kind of criticism would help (except about the title: I already know that one sucks, I just haven't come up with anything better just yet).

    Thanks in advance and all best wishes,

    Stories Inc.

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    Stories Inc.posted 7 years ago

    (note: I just changed the title to 'The Enchanted Book' instead of 'notebook', since there are other works with that name)