last dreams from a child

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    master of dreamsposted 7 years ago

    i woke
    i ate
    and continued my day
    he laughed she smiled and continued their way
    i had, i lost, and been drivin quiet mad
    now all i have is this dream...

    i sour through the air through a magical blur my hair is entangled by the thoughts of all theirs. "enough" whispered harshly my mind always turning "enough" went the thoughts of a million unending. and finally im falling the fall is hearts wrenching,my breath is quit stolen and my limbs are fearstly shaken and all then just stops and i swear im not broken but the thoughts that had burdened are now silent spoken. what's worst may i ask the noise that had clipped me or is it the silence that weighs me and breaks me? i do not know creeps in from behind me and wriggles its being more fearstly inside me. and finally im frightened and no one can hear me and then just at the end im embraced by my someone just only to crumble and turn into no one "just stop" says my mind once again it is back " enough" says the though i wish so to live fast and finally my hearts whispers words that engulf me " a child that dreams of a love that cannot be can always find love in those who surround thee"

    alas i awake and i marvel and quake
    and finaly smile for time is quite short
    and i know my last days are meant for a while.....