Zombie People

  1. overchanger profile image60
    overchangerposted 6 years ago

    Who you gonna call ?
    Zombie People
    A new rage in flight to silence it's distant scorners
    Yet we pulled through to escape another new year
    Why doesn't anyone really care ?
    With viscous hanging fangs that often will bite dripping blood at the side !
    Having swollen lips with scorned teeth stating that it's their liberal right,
    The god of this world has been deceiving the mass population thus far,
    A stone pillar in the night can send quite a bit of fright !
    One blast from their gun will ruin it's fold,
    Zombie People had exploded on the scene...
    Who you gonna call ?
    Zombie Busters !
    Share your victory over the opposition to what the god of this world would claim,
    This is not my home,
    One day soon it will all go up in sudden flames.. !
    I am a stranger here with no language but my pen.
    We are hit with sudden blows that our all to fierce in it's beckoning rage,
    Through shadows that torment my inner most thoughts,
    Through a sunset that excites my inner aura,
    The Zombie People live yet they soon will die !
    With no hope in store for them to even comprehend,
    Through their idle fancy we had sought a newer desolation in store,
    Through a loving plan for you to stand,
    Now for today let all the zombie people hide in their holes !