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A fake story of my birthday

  1. falgunimishra profile image59
    falgunimishraposted 6 years ago

    I am infront of you as a story teller it was in my imagination from a long time .My husband is reserve by nature & he is having a habit of forgetting the things.After marriage when my 1st birthday was about to come,then I was very excited specially waiting for hubby's reaction.Really I was enthralled by doing the imagination that he will give a valuable gifts,or will take me to hotel for a dinner party.So I was so anxious by thinking all this then I woke up early in an morning, actually there was no sign of sleepingness in my eyes it's all due to my excitedness then after waking up I kept busy myself in daily routine work.I was waiting that he will wake up wish & me, then after sometime that moment came when he woke up at 10a.m , he was normal no any changes in his behaviour or action.I was noticing his each & every activities.He was busy in his daily routine&I gave him a breakfast&then he was started doing preparation for office & finally he went to office without wishing me even he didn't expressed any sign that he remembered this impt. day. Iwas about to cry but I was trying that tears shouldn't come out of my eyes.I cooked food in afternoon.I decorated my house &washed each & every showpiece which was kept in my showcase. I brought the fresh& lovely flowers&decorated in flower pot.I was doing so that atleast by seeing all this he might be able to recall or memorise my birthday.He came back at 3 p.m & he put off his clothes& took lunch& went to his bed.He didn't noticed anything new or any changes in house.Again I got depressed & felt sad. I also went to bed and slept.Then again he woke up & started preparation for office at 6 p.m he went off & then again I kept busy myself in preparing the special dishes.I prepared chhole, bhature, some sweet dishes,pulao by keeping in mind his favourite dishes that whatever he liked the dishes.I made for him at least he will get happy by eating all his favourite dishes.Then after a long waiting he came at 12 in night.I gave him dinner,again he went to bed after saying thanks for delicious food.After sometime he called me & took the key of scooter & we went outside, after opening the dicky  he took out some gift which was wrapped in a very beautiful way.He gave me that gift& wished me. After opening that wrapped gift I saw that it was a very nice & beautiful dress which I never imagined it before.Then he told me the reason that why he gave it in thelate night when the whole day was completely over.He explained me that actually I wanted to see my excitedness.

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      N.E. Wrightposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I will reply on your Hubpage.

      Thanks for sharing.


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    sarovaiposted 6 years ago

    Welcome to hubpages. Yes, my friend , you forgot about this writings, whether to post in the forum or write as a hub.

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      falgunimishraposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I  have written as a hub.I want feedback  or comments on my story.