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    “the Talk” With My Son Is Not About “the Birds and the Bees”

    4 years ago

    Through all the happy times with your child there is always an inner fear that they will die by the polices’ hands, because they are black in America. Most parents practice the talk so much they forget all about Stranger Danger. Black Children get abducted also.

  • I Am Now A Lords Mobile Gamer

    I Am Now A Lords Mobile Gamer

    4 years ago

    I am a fifty-seven year old Gamer who goes by my In-Game Name Of Nilly55. I am an R5, which is leader of a guild. Only when I started I did not know what in the hell I was doing over a year ago.

  • Ten Years On Hubpages

    Ten Years On Hubpages

    4 years ago

    In 2009 I decided to take myself as a writer seriously. We just elected the first African-American President, and I decided I was going to stop training and learning my craft as a writer and just practice it. I decided to join Hubpages.

  • 102

    Let Us Have Mocktails!

    4 years ago

    Mocktails are Virgin — or Non-Alcoholic — Cocktails. Only I did not know that until almost an hour before I began writing this article. Someone needs to get out more. Hum, I may want to get a Virgin Pina Colada while I am out. Mocktails anyone?

  • Protecting Yourself From Online Scams

    Protecting Yourself From Online Scams

    4 years ago

    Online scams are as easy as an e-mail sent to you from what you believe to be your bank or your E-bay account. I should know it has happened to me.

  • Why Access-a-Ride Transportation Means Freedom to Me

    Why Access-a-Ride Transportation Means Freedom to Me

    4 years ago

    My health problems have me listed as home bound. Sure I walk, but mostly always with pain. Access-A-Ride Para-transit Transportation helps me get to my appointments when I am feeling well.

  • My Favorite Writer: Ernest Hemingway

    My Favorite Writer: Ernest Hemingway

    4 years ago

    When it comes to literature I am always shocked at how most of the famous writers and poets are better than their hype. Ernest Hemingway is that writer for me. Up In Michigan pissed me off. The Snows Of Kilimanjaro made me feel like a voyeur ....

  • Why I Love Robin Hood With Russell Crowe And Cate Blanchett

    Why I Love Robin Hood With Russell Crowe And Cate Blanchett

    4 years ago

    Another Robin Hood movie was not what I was interested in viewing even when I learned Russell Crowe, and Cate Blanchett were to star in it. Still, the information I read on it while perusing my Netflix account told me I should give it a try. It was way different than the legendary accounts we...

  • Growing up in the Projects in Queens, Ny

    Growing up in the Projects in Queens, Ny

    4 years ago

    In the early '70s all I wanted to learn was the Hustle. It was the dance of the decade and it made you really popular in the Housing Projects I grew up in. A Broken promise from an extremely close childhood friend is why I did not learn my favorite dance steps.

  • My Guys

    My Guys

    4 years ago

    This Poem is an Ode to all of the Famously productive African-Americans who were not taught to me — in grade school — while growing up in the late '60s and '70s in New York City.

  • Questions to the Gop on Health Care

    Questions to the Gop on Health Care

    4 years ago

    I have always had health issues, and yet the moment I dropped out of college I have been without Health Care from the ages of 19 - 26. I did have a job. Things should not be the same 30 years later. Repeal is not an option we should stand for. In time Universal Health Care is what we should...

  • The True Foe Is ...

    The True Foe Is ...

    4 years ago

    This short story has a biracial mother — who defines herself as Black — in conflict with her tween — eldest — daughter who wants to be seen as white.

  • The Rib-Bar and Grill in the Bronx

    The Rib-Bar and Grill in the Bronx

    4 years ago

    The Rib Bar And Grill Is Out Of Business Now.

  • The Change

    The Change

    4 years ago

    This poem is a retelling of changing relationships within a family after an incident.

  • Now, I Love Fly-swatters

    Now, I Love Fly-swatters

    4 years ago

    Shortly after moving into my two bedroom apartment I began seeing flies. It was Winter time! After getting rid of my sticky paper ... I decided to get fly swatters.

  • Why I Love Netflix For My Son

    Why I Love Netflix For My Son

    4 years ago

    Netflix DVDs are a life saver for me when it come to something different for my son to watch.

  • My Muse

    My Muse

    4 years ago

    Almost anything I do gives me story ideas to write about. Cleaning — and keeping schedules — is one of those things thanks to my Mother who is My Muse.

  • Our First Time at Disney Was 2009

    Our First Time at Disney Was 2009

    4 years ago

    Vacationing in Florida when living in New York means -- for most people -- plane travel. Taking Jet Blue going was pretty cool. I watched the movie, The Proposal while the kids watched Sponge Bob Square Pants. Life was perfect .... Now returning home ... well, that was a story of missed...

  • My Letter To CNN On Lou Dobbs.

    My Letter To CNN On Lou Dobbs.

    4 years ago

    When I read a notice from my in-box petitioning me to sign a petition so it could be sent to CNN's President, Jon Klein, about Lou Dobbs's Birther foray. I signed and wrote this passionate ... letter ....

  • Last Day in Florida 2010

    Last Day in Florida 2010

    4 years ago

    Orlando, Florida is my family's annual vacation destination. After visiting Disney Parks, and Universal Studios during our two week vacation I thought about what we could do on Our last day in Florida.

  • Loving Your Dark-Complexioned Self

    Loving Your Dark-Complexioned Self

    4 years ago

    Inside the African-American culture there is a sad divide between Dark and Light Complexion Blacks.

  • Why I Decided Not to Smoke

    Why I Decided Not to Smoke

    4 years ago

    Am I for Smoking or not smoking? That was a challenge I had one weekend ... when I was a teenager. The people pressuring me into smoking cigarettes were not my peers. The ring leader trying to get me to smoke was a relative four to five years my senior.

  • For the Love of Her Foster Child

    For the Love of Her Foster Child

    4 years ago

    A Mother's love has nothing to do with giving birth. There are Foster Parents who love the children they care for more than the birth mothers do. This story is about the day in the life of such a Foster Mother and her very ill -- foster -- child.

  • Racism, Civil Servants, and Michael Jackson

    Racism, Civil Servants, and Michael Jackson

    4 years ago

    Civil Servants riding on a parade float in New York City throwing fried chicken, and watermelon, at a cheering crowd who watched as a black rag-doll was being dragged behind the float. My problem with Michael Jackson is his chemically enhanced fair complexion. It screams self-hatred to me.


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