World Book Night

  1. nakmeister profile image79
    nakmeisterposted 6 years ago

    Is anyone else on here doing World Book Night? It is happening on Saturday 5th March here in the UK, when we are giving away a million books in one night (or more practically over the whole weekend). I have 48 copies of 'Killing Floor' by Lee Child to give away. If anyone is in the UK and wants a copy, I'm happy to post one or two out - if there are lots of people that want a copy I will draw names out of a hat (I don't want to spend a fortune on postage!)

    I've written a hub all about World Book Night which I will be updating with my progress if anyone is interested in reading. I don't think we are supposed to promote our hubs on the forums so won't post a link (correct me if I'm wrong, am happy to post link if within the rules), but you'll see it by clicking on my profile.