The Crust Of The Bisquit Is The Apostrophe

  1. overchanger profile image61
    overchangerposted 6 years ago

    Frank Zappa held all music lover's of the electrical guitar classical genre spell bound !

    Zappa had the unique presence and gift that hardly anyone has,
    A true genuine master of the guitar;
    As far as present performer's one should equate such as Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen & Joe Satriani to name a few.

    Zappa challenged capital hill with the remarks he made on censorship apposing then Tipper Gore with her strict ideal campaign against the cencorship issue;

    It has become imperative that one would want to even challenge the likes of the late Zappa ?
    Yet clearer heads prevailed still some of them found them in the sewer.
    Again a very unique talent that left our nation humbly speechless ?
    Zappa will be missed especially his unique saying: Yowza Yowza, Yowza ! ( A crust of the bisquit is the apostrophe) Rest In Peace Mr. Zappa,
    From a loyal fan !