A look at one of my charcters thats been worked on for several years.

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    I've done a great deal of character development on this guy is dubbed 'the Renegade' and just thought of sharing some of what he's all about. He's also making is debut in my ebook next sometime on Kindle.

    Underworld mercenary who seems to be really obsessed with power. Voltaire and his scientists experimented on Ferox in order to upgrade his battling skills and added components and programming into his brain, eventually causing his brain waves to go berserk (he goes slightly insane in the match with John and Kane (Experiments 89,91).

    He was used as an experiment to connect with his (Dark)mutated powers, and was eventually turned into part-cyborg or robot to alienate him from any acute human emotions and memories of his past. He loses Voltaire's chance of world domination and his own chance of becoming a world ruler by losing to 89 and also causing immense damage to the abbey that displaced many slaves and troopers. He escapes just as many others did with extensive damage to there vital organs. Some died having succumbed to injuries. He is still part of the Neo-Blitzkreig with Rocrucio, Sargon, etc.

    Falkner is not as successful as Silver, as shown when he is defeated by Sargon and Xiomara, but he is still more than a match for any opponent he faces. As the captain of the group, he tends to dislike Silver's independence, as shown when he was developing his new attack, 'Blazing Chaos'(evolution from the previous attack called 'Blaze'. Falkner is easily angered. Although he was trained not to show any emotion at all, he does just that sometimes. The Dark Ministry decided to make him completely controlled without emotions, so they made him into a cyborg for safety measures. However, after the World Championships Final at the Roman Empire Colleseum it is shown that their experiment didn't work as Falkner is seen shaking hands with John after being defeated.

    Falkner is a natural born leader with a fiery personality. In the story, he will do anything to win and he is less loyal to Voltaire, the Dark Lord, and Greywolf. However, in the special, he works to impress Voltaire with his skills and becomes jealous when Silver joins the team.

    In the special, his childhood is given quite some detail. His father was a high-ranking retired soldier and high class of royalty and his mother a homemaker; things in Frostic Canyon changed and his father lost his status as a royal member and became a lazy, abusive drunk who would hit his wife and Falkner constantly. His mother abandoned Falkner with his father after some time of the abuse and when the abuse got even worse, Falkner was trapped with his father's abuse, neglect and cruelty. His father made him go out to get food and alcohol, meaning that Falkner had to steal to remain alive. His father also made him kill animals and even another being. This was how he met The Dark Lord because of his unsuccessful suppression of his energy level. Instead of killing Reznikoff senior, The Dark Lord made an exchange in goods as well as protection from the law and even a new wife if you traded in Falkner with the boys allegiance to the Dark Side to serve them in destroying the Magical Establishment (gov't) and ruling it with the Empire.

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    I can't wait to release the work on my first novel and the special thats going to charity. If you want the preview its on my profile, 'John Tobio'