2011 Poem

  1. theirishobserver. profile image59
    theirishobserver.posted 6 years ago

    2011, what a year
    Removed Fianna Fail, to thunderous Cheer
    Scum bags and criminals, removed from the Dail
    They bankrupted our country, we continue to recoil
    Fianna Fail pigs, and Kerry bulls to
    Stole and robbed, from me and you
    Bankers rotten, through and through
    Property speculators, hateful crew
    Rebuilding Ireland, left to the few
    Our children banished, beaten down
    Not even achieved, under English Crown
    Irish traitors, led by Cowen Clown
    Sold our country, for English pound
    O’Higgins made it, to Aras
    McGuinness rejected, put to grass
    British agent, forgets his past
    Sean Gallagher, sent on his way
    Dana, Davies, Norris, have had their day
    New Coalition, what can we say
    Legacy of Fianna Fail, paths the way
    With vision and focus, we will have our day
    At every election, we will make Fianna Fail pay
    For forcing our children, to go away.