Windows Whisper Secrets

  1. ammccree profile image60
    ammccreeposted 5 years ago

    Windows whisper secrets
    And the rain dampens my face
    I speak no names
    And make no introductions
    I just walk
    And jingle my keys
    Forcing entry into my home

    Your eyes speak no sorrow
    And hers hold no promise
    No vision of tomorrow

    I hear none of your excuses
    I speak no names
    You make no introductions
    I ask no questions

    Windows told your secret
    And if you stood where I am 
    My eyes would have spoken no sorrow
    And his would have held no promise
    None beyond the moment

    For we both know solitude
    And the windows of our hearts and souls
    Have whispered our secrets to eachother
    So now we know.

  2. DropsOfRain profile image60
    DropsOfRainposted 5 years ago

    Great poem.