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Complete List of Best Google April Fool’s Jokes

Updated on December 10, 2015

On April fool’s Day that usually held once a year on 1st April, Google usually take part to participate for April fool event every year. Google create pages with april fool themes to fool the visitors who view the pages. The themes are different each year and the list is getting longer. Are you curious as to what April fools page Google has created to cheats visitor? You can take a look to some April fool's joke made ​​by Google below just for fun. There are many Google April fool's that spread around on the internet now from webs to applications. Most explanation from each of Google April fool’s jokes are very convincing, so, try to explore the explanation on each Google April fool’s landing page:

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Gmail Paper

Do you want your Gmail convert into mail paper archive? Maybe you can use Gmail Paper service from Google here. Ok, it’s only April fool’s joke made by Google. Google use this theme as one of their April fool's joke where they announce Gmail Paper service to convert your Gmail contents into paper archive. With free service, Google would print it on papers and mail it via conventional post. The explanations about Gmail Paper are really convincing but actually, it's only part of Google April fool's joke.

Google Gulp

Google Gulp is one of Google April fool’s jokes with fictional drink as its theme. On the landing page of Google Gulp, it says the Google Gulp drink can increase the drinker’s intelligence, make the drinker think faster and feel better. Perhaps, most explanation of Google Gulp will very amusing for some people who read it because that’s the hoax works. As for example beside it can increase the drinker’s intelligence, it’s explained on the faq’s that Google Gulp also able to "take a picture" of the drinker’s genetic profile, reconfigure its molecular composition on the fly, and subtly alter the drinker brain's intricate mosaic of axonial patterns in order to facilitate even faster cognitive processing. To know more about Google Gulp, type "Google Gulp" on the Google search box.

Google Gulp in variant flavors
Google Gulp in variant flavors | Source

Basically, there are various Google jokes that Google created to entertain you. Various Google jokes spread in some Google sites and projects such as Google Earth, Google doodles, Google Translate, Google Easter eggs, etc. Below are some examples of Google jokes that I have found:

  • Google Translate Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Secrets A complete compilation of Google translate tips, tricks and hidden secrets that I have found. Do you know that Google translate not only useful as a translator but we can use Google translate as an entertainment and for having fun. Read more about it on this hub.
  • Google Tricks - I'm Feeling Lucky A compilation of Google tricks “I’m Feeling Lucky” that I have found all over the internet. Try some of these tricks to entertain you when you are tired in front of your pc or laptop during work or while browsing.
  • Google Search Hidden Secrets You Probably Didn’t Know Perhaps not many people know or found out that there are some hidden tricks in Google search. You can find several Google hidden tricks if you type certain keywords in the Google search box. Find out more about Google hidden secrets in this hub.
  • Google Tricks - I'm Feeling Lucky - Part 2 This hub is also a compilation of Google tricks “I’m Feeling Lucky” that I have found again all over the internet. Try some of these tricks while you working in front of your PC or laptop or while browsing, hopefully these Google tricks can entertain you, some of this tricks also good as pranks and perhaps you want to show it to your friends or co-workers.

Google Mental Plex

Google Mental Plex is the first Google April fool’s jokes. Basically, it’s instruct the reader to use Google Mental Plex by think of what they’re looking for then click on the gif animation shaped in moving circular rather than to type what we want to search on the Google search box to get the result from what we think. If you are curious to see the results with Google Mental Plex, try click on the Google Mental Plex animation gif (the moving circle with red and blue colors) after you think something you want to look for. There are several results you can get by clicking the animation over and over. You can repeat it by go back to the animation page and click the moving circular again to see another result as it mention on the result message before. If you want to know more about Google mental Plex, type "Google Mental Plex" in Google search box.

Google Virgle

Goggle Virgle convince readers to take part of a project to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars. The readers can participate to join the project by filling the online application form. Google Virgle April fool’s joke project is collaboration between Richard Branson (the founder of Virgin group) and Larry Page with Sergey Brin (the founders of Google). You can found Google Virgle, if you type "Googe Virgle" on the Google search box.

Google Pigeon Rank

On Google Pigeon Rank landing page, Google explain how exactly does Google manage to find the right results for every query. Google said they invent technology through a system to ranking web pages develop by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford University called PigeonRank™. The explanation about Google PigeonRank™ is very convincing yet it’s also sometimes funny if you read the whole of Google PigeonRank™ explanation. To know more about Google Pigeon Rank, type "Googe Pigeon Rank" on the Google search box.

Google TISP
Google TISP | Source

Google TiSP

Google TiSP (Toilet Internet Service Provider) is a fictional broadband service that provide by Google for free. The installation uses a toilet and toilet sewer linkage to link the internet connection from home to home. Google TiSP offers free installation kit Including setup guide, fiber-optic cable, spindle, wireless router and installation CD. To be more convincing, Google TiSP add several contents such as Press Release and FAQ that explains the concept of Google TiSP April fool's joke on the landing page. To know more about Google TiSP, type "Googe TiSP" on the Google search box.

Google Romance
Google Romance | Source

Google Romance

Google offers free internet dating service as part of April fool’s joke each year and it’s called Google Romance. It is say that Google Romance users can upload their profile, search for their soulmate with Soulmate Search™ that used psychographic matchmaking software and "Endure" via their Contextual Dating option. To make the Google Romance page more convincing, they also put picture of men and women who give testimonial about how they success find their soulmate via Google Romance. To know more about Google Romance go to their landing page here.

Google Nose
Google Nose | Source

Google Nose

Google Nose is one of the Google April Fools Jokes that I have found. Google nose invite visitor who then view the Google Nose webpage so they can try a new Google project (Google Nose). Google nose is a new type of Google search engine, where it said that we would be able to smell any different types of items when we do a search based on the name of the item we were looking for. For example, we can smell aroma of book, flowers, horse manure, car exhaust, lemon or any items we want to smell. Of couse, this isn't true and If you want to find out about Google Nose, type “Google Nose” on the Google search box and hopefully you will find it.


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