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Happy Birthday Wishes For Your Boyfriend

Updated on February 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Surprises

Happy birthday wishes for your boyfriend are so nice to express on and around his special day. I always liked to surprise my boyfriend with little notes of poetry. Poetry can be an exciting and fun way to tell him how much you really care about him.

Sometimes you may feel a little shy or embarrassed to tell him personally how you feel or to even hand him a poem. But you shouldn't. Nevertheless it is so much easier to give him the poem.  You should give him a poem that really shows how you feel. Chose a poem that you wrote or chose one from among the selections presented here.

No matter which poem or poems you decide on, always make sure it is undeniably expressing how you truly feel. You don't want to hurt his feelings or get your feelings hurt by saying something you really don't mean.

And you certainly don't want to give your boyfriend loving or suggestive words to read if you really don't mean that. if you are giving out sexually suggestive innuendos by all means feel free to carry them out once you and he are married.

I'm not so old or old fashioned to know that sex is prevalent, but as a bit of advice and wisdom I can't resist saying sex can wait.

My New Man

I cant forget your birthday,

For it's the first time we met,

Several years ago

You were partying

with some friends.

And I knew it was


I had to get.

So I spoke up

not ever so gently,

got your number

and your name,


I'd call you

And you said the same.

So now this year

I'm ready

To party with


My new man

I'll make this Birthday Party

The 'slamminist' one I can

Happy Birthday!

D. Alsup

On Your Birthday

Your great smile

Your funny jokes

Your caring ways

Makes me want to

Wish you

Happiness and


On this

Your Birthday!

D. Alsup

The Surprise

Birthday's suck!

I never seem to get them right,

I try to hide the surprise event

but right

Before the big night:

I feel the pressure boiling...

You gotta pick out all the right presents,

Am I the only one toiling?

You gotta get a card,

You gotta get balloons,

You have to buy some

Cake and candy,

You gotta worry about

who's coming too soon..

Stop the havoc

Hold the line

Happy Birthday!

Your surprise Party

is tonight at 9.

D. Alsup

I Wish For You

I wish for you everything

You've ever wanted,

To bring you

Joy so true,

To help erase

the bad things

That all have done to you.

I wish for you everything

You've ever needed

To take the blues away

Let this Birthday

Be the beginning of

All your

Brand New

Happier Days!

D. Alsup

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Happy Birthday Wishes!

Thank so much for visiting. If you have any Happy Birthday wishes for your boyfriend you would like to share with others please do so here. Let me know if you enjoyed the poems. Thanks again.


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    • BIGCSSHOP profile image

      BIGCSSHOP 5 years ago

      sorry licky licky, this did not help you, but glad it has helped others, maybe it can help in the future or possibly help someone else you know. thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    • profile image

      licky licky 5 years ago

      this did not help meh at all! :/

    • BIGCSSHOP profile image

      BIGCSSHOP 7 years ago

      Thanks akirchner for your commemt. Your tradition with your husband is awesomely cool! 35 years of being married, You Rock Girl!

    • akirchner profile image

      Audrey Kirchner 7 years ago from Washington

      Cool idea! I usually write things for anniversaries for my husband - like a thought or short thing I love about him for every year that we have been married. Then I make him read each one and give him a kiss for every's taking longer now that we've been married 35 or so years but it is still wonderful!