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Mystery Unraveled; a Honeymoon That Never Was Part 1!

Updated on August 2, 2021
Pam Morris profile image

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.

Many would say getting married is the best reason for cohabitation, a time where two people can reflect a desire for a future together. Although, the rarest and the most unforgettable experience is being a newlywed. The first kiss as husband and wife will be a remarkable moment. Only the honeymoon is a pleasant and memorable experience that bonds two people as they start the journey of a lifetime.

Newlyweds look forward to their honeymoon as it is the time for them to experience the highest level of affection and genuinely share a love that can grow deeper and deeper as time progresses.

A couple, Patsy and Henry, set out to plan a honeymoon trip to Mauritius, but the one thing they look forward to the most is a midnight candlelight date on the endless white beaches where they can soak up the sun.

Henry is a sailor, and he has a passion to travel and explore unknown places. His last voyage before he vanishes without a trace landed him in a small village of Chamarel in South Mauritius. Henry desired to set up the best vacation possible to marry the woman of his dreams. However, things did not happen as he plan.

Just imagine how it feels to have your loved one suddenly disappear without a trace, the relentless pull in your heart to know if they are okay. A symptom of depression overtakes your life with an overwhelming urge to plan and organize a search to find your loved one. I can feel the pain and hopelessness that will always be over your head like a dark cloud, and it’s hard to imagine your life without them.

This is the story of a young couple named pasty and Henry. They just wanted to get married. It was something they both looked forward to receiving, entertaining, and their dream honeymoon destination was Mauritius.

Just a year before their wedding, Henry sailed to the beautiful island of Mauritius to prepare for their dream honeymoon trip to the island. However, until the present, Patsy is still waiting to be with the love of her life, Henry.

Where could Henry be? No news or phone calls. The search for Henry by the government resulted in no information regarding his whereabouts or condition, and Patsy is depressed because there is no end in sight of this mystery? Read on.

Five years have passed since Henry disappears without a trace, and it has been excruciatingly painful and unacceptable to pasty. Every day, she awakes to pray and seeks solace from close friends, families, and relatives, but it releases no news regarding the whereabouts of Henry. Pasty and Henry plan their marriage in their college days.

They both felt nothing in this world could make them feel complete, happy, and satisfied in achieving their goals together as husband and wife.

For Patsy, the disappearance of Henry left her aching for rest and relief from her racing mind. It hurts to let go, so she waits for each new day to see or hear any news concerning his whereabouts. The agony and intolerability have resulted from each passing day since the day Henry failed to return.

The thought of Henry continually reminds her of the sweet memories they spent together, and especially during their college days. Pasty doesn’t know where to start, but the search for her husband has been a painful struggle, and especially now that his son and only child John is old enough to ask questions. She wishes she could hit the reset button and start over.

On that fateful day before Henry left for Mauritius, they made love; it was a magical moment; they created a baby boy, except now Pasty spends days crying, hoping, and wishing to have him again.

The only thing Pasty does not want to think about is the possibility of never seeing Henry again. They began dating in high school. According to many, they were meant for each other. They complement each other and destine to get married to live a happy life together.

To this day, Henry’s body is nowhere to be found, and self-destruction seems unlikely. Pasty waits, hoping the mystery is unveiled in the disappearance of her loved one, as it aches her heart every day.

“It has been five years since she bid him goodbye with a hug, assuming he would return soon for their wedding.” This is perhaps the worst experience anyone sincerely in love can go through. They talked on the phone until Henry wished her Goodnight.

That was the last word Pasty heard from Henry. They just wanted to settle down and have beautiful children together, but life can be ruthless and ruin a delightful dream that can blossom into a full flare of happiness and love.

There have been mind-boggling stories of mysterious disappearances of planes, ships, sailors, and even divers with no search for their whereabouts. Sometimes the search finds some kidnapped with a healthy ramson or killed. But for Patsy, it has been years of agony and a story that has no end.

The government deployed its navy to search for the lost citizen everywhere possible, even in the raging waters of the Indian Ocean, but still no trace. He did not drown in the vast waters of the Ocean. His boat was found docked along the Beach of Mauritius Island, and this finding has complicated the search for Henry.

This may sound more perplexing than most fiction and perhaps a complicated situation with no sensible approach. Depending on the authorities, families, friends, and relatives, Henry anchored safely on the coastline of Mauritius, but what remains a mystery is his whereabouts for over five years, with no trace.

Records show that he checked into a hotel the day of his arrival, but what happened after that no one knows. When did he wake up or what's next as it is a great mystery? He loved sailing and fishing a lot. Being a sailor means being on the go via far land and islands. It is discovering alternative places.

The search for a missing sailor continues, only for Patsy; it is a wait and miserable situation. Patsy believes Henry is still South of Mauritius, or perhaps stuck in a place with no network to enable him to communicate with the people back home.

It is hard to guess a sailor's whereabouts because they love to do many things. Discovery is a top priority, and just like the ones who sailed many centuries ago and came back with the news of recent finds and artifacts.

Pasty is not willing to give up hope Henry will return home. But what makes it a more agonizing lie is no one knows whether Henry is alive or dead. Many relied on fasting and praying. Every day is prevalent with new thoughts and strife, with memories of their magnificent past together.

The world comprises various mysterious disappearances of planes and people. Some sailors have never returned home.

While we have presumed others dead, for Patsy, it is too early to call. Stories of aliens invading our planet have traditionally been heard of and even featured in movies. And while some have believed such stories, others have always turned a deaf ear.

These are things Patsy still wants to think about, so she will not get more confused. The wait seems more extended, and it is getting unbearable.

Questions keep hitting her hard, and she does not get answers to any of them. She breaks down every time someone inquires as she is on her way to the market.

Countless people are asking her about Henry. “Has he returned home?” “Has they found him?” “What happened to Him?” These are a few among the endless questions friends and relatives keep asking, and her hatred for such queries is increasing from time to time.

Will I meet him again? What could he be doing? Why isn’t he calling me? Perhaps he was like someone else on the Island, or is someone holding him hostess from me? These are questions that Patsy keeps asking herself as she waits and hopes he’s okay. She is already too young to face all this, and the comfort she receives from friends and relatives is not enough to calm her.

Patsy graduated from college with a degree in journalism, while Henry would be a lawyer, as he has a law degree. They both planned their future, and the bliss that showed on their faces left everyone wishing them well. To this day, Patsy has not thought of looking for a job. Perhaps this sheer agony is causing her the pain of her life, as she is constantly in pain and doesn’t want to mingle with anyone.

Will she ever stop waiting? Will she stop waiting for Henry and perhaps consider marrying another man? Well, letting go of your true love is difficult, and it is hard to let go, even if you are going through so much agony that pricks so hard in the heart. Worse, it is difficult to be engaged to someone else and still have love, and a child with a lost loved one.

Endless waiting defines how Pasty spends her day. With little to do and even much less to hope for, she is resigned to fate. All she hopes and prays for is that one day, God will answer her prayers.

There have been cases of lost and found. Some have been found after ten years of an agonizing wait, where others have dropped out of sight.

There have likewise been instances of plane disappearances with wreckage being found after fifty years. This keeps Patsy hoping and praying. To her, nothing is as good as patience, and she refuses to let go of her waiting spirit.

Today, while she waits, Patsy has resorted to reading inspirational books, and the Bible is her favorite. As a staunch Christian, she believes in miracles and patience.

Pasty and Henry waited to get married while attending college. Pasty is still hoping that God’s plan for her involves Henry.

Pasty visited many psychologists who have tried to convince her to abandon the wait, but she insists that Henry is alive somewhere and He will soon return home.

With all the technologies deployed by the government in the search for Henry turning no agreeable news, everyone left everything to fate.

Patsy’s parents are trying to convince her to marry one of the many suitors who are coming for her, but she declined all for the great love she had for Henry. She only wishes to see him alive.

For Patsy, if Henry is married to another woman, all she wants is to see him alive and wish him well. She says it is hard to assume that someone is dead while they could be lost, maybe kidnapped, or is not ready to go back home.

She asks if Henry is not ready to return home, why is he not calling to say so and set the ball rolling? Also, if he kidnapped, the kidnappers should have called or appeared to demand a ransom.

These are hard-hitting questions surrounding Pasty’s mind. What is even more startling the fact that Henry was confirmed to have sailed safely to Mauritius because they found his voyage boat docked on the coastline of the island?

I can't imagine Henry abruptly changing his mind against Patsy so fast. They had beautiful plans, and they both swore by the Heavens never to let each other down.

With a grounded life, a broken heart, and a dwindling spirit of patience, the wait for Henry is something Patsy says she will not stop doing.

A son to take care of, the thought of raising John together with Henry is something she treasures.
The memories of that fateful night they made love for the first time before Henry departed for the island are something she can’t forget.

With everyone giving up on the search for Henry, she can only rely on a miracle and her prayers that someday. Henry will appear and surprise everybody.

Well, while many have lost their loved ones through mysterious disappearances and even on the eve of the wedding, for Patsy, it is an unfamiliar story.

Getting lost is one thing but a promise to keep you amused to diminish the pain is something that will always transmit painful memories left behind.

This is what Patsy is facing. A life shredded by a hopeless wait of a loved one who was en route to prepare a vacation destination in a highland where stories of mysterious disappearances have not previously been heard of.

Henry was a hard-working student during his college days. With the future as bright as theirs and interwoven with the fate, all they hoped that was a life of joy and success.

This is a story of a young couple that was destined to get married and everyone supported them getting married. That Henry wanted to be a top government lawyer after graduating, but all vanished into a mystery, unfolded occasioned the involvement of the government in the search for Henry.

What happens to Henry? Will Pasty receive clues or ever learn Henry's whereabouts? Stay tuned as I share answers and other thrilling mysteries and secrets in Part 2 of Mystery Unraveled; A Honeymoon That Never Was.

Do you feel a mystery like written in this story could ever be solved?

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© 2014 Pam Morris


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