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Humor Poetry

Updated on February 11, 2019
JoleneBelmain profile image

My name is Jolene Belmain, and I love my family, including my fur babies, and cooking.

Poetry to bring a smile to your lips.

There are many amusing events which happen in our lives. Looking back on them warms our heart, forces a smile to appear on our lips, and reminds us of those so very important events in our life. This is what makes the memories all the more wonderful; being able to hold them captive in our heart forever.

Poets are all over, it is within each and every one of us to write the words takes us right back to those special places in time. I hope that this lens will help to warm your heart and bring a smile to your lips. These are a few of my special memories.

Hope you enjoy your visit, and please, stop back again when you need another smile.... who couldn't use another one of those?

Photos are ©Jolene Belmain. Other images provided by: Flickr Creative Commons


You'll never find me!

You'll never find me!
You'll never find me!

Pet Humor: Hide-and-Seek

I feel a tickle from whiskers

and a little wet nose,

I look down at my feet

and yep, there she goes.

I can feel my face,

my lips give a grin,

I get up from my chair;

here we go again.

I tippy-toe quietly

down the hall,

stop by the door,

press up against the wall.

Peek into the same room

she went to before,

there she is in the corner

curled up on the floor.

Paws over her eyes

tail up in the air,

since she cannot see me

she thinks I am not there.

I creep up behind her,

finger is ready,

I'm almost there

just hold it steady.

I tap on her back

she jumps up in the air,

she turns and then stops,

giving me that same stare.

She just tries so hard

but can't figure it out,

I give her a giggle

cause it's the fun it's about.

©Jolene Belmain

Do you read to your children?

Do you read to your children?

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Baby Humor: Puddles

Puddles, puddles

all around,

in the bathroom

on the floor.

Puddles, puddles


in the foyer

on the stairs

on the carpet

on the floor,

oops I'm sorry,

I did one more.

I don't know how

this thing works,

every time I walk

it seems to squirt.

All the puddles

I can make,

wonder if I

could build a lake?

©Jolene Belmain

Have you laughed today?

Have you laughed today?

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Here's a music video that's sure to make you giggle

The part I laugh at the most is the look on the dancers face in the elevator

Kid Humor: Search for Oscar

I walk with my mom,

hand in hand,

looking for a

garbage can.

I see every silver can

as if they were gold,

looking to see

what treasures they hold.

My mom tries to walk past

but I let out a shriek,

but mom I might miss him,

this could be his street!

My mom rolls her eyes

but still plays the game,

let's me believe

he's here all the same.

I look all around

for his shade of green,

but still it is yet;

yet to be seen.

He's got to be here

I'll find him one day.

I'll tell him my name,

we'll laugh and we'll play.

With every garbage can

we stop and I crouch,

looking inside

for oscar the grouch!

Lifting the lid,

excitement about to burst,

peering inside,

but finding the worst.

He's not there either,

we'll try the next one,

with every can

it's more and more fun

Those big shiny cans,

what wonders they hold.

The imagination's a great thing

when you are four years old.

©Jolene Belmain



Toilet Humor: Black hole

We have in our house

a real black hole

it sucks everything up

and takes it to the south pole.

I'm afraid to go near it

in case it gets me

for it is a black hole

and you'll disappear, you see.

It makes such strange noises

at night while I sleep

I'd wake up and look

but I'm too scared to peek.

Every morning when

I open my eyes

I see everything is still there

much to my surprise.

My family thinks I'm weird

one day they'll all see

that it's a black hole

and I'm not so crazy.

Please never make me sit

upon that black hole

I don't know what's down there

in that toilet bowl.

©Jolene Belmain

Is anyone down there?

Is anyone down there?
Is anyone down there?

Life Humor: Day at the beach

Wake up to the day

checking my clock

and oh my goodness

almost died of shock!

Slept in too darned late

right past the news,

skipping my shower

I head straight for my shoes.

Driving my car

eating a peach

looking in my mirror

I let out a screech!

Oh how I long

for a day at the beach.

Get out of my car

assessing the dent

I just acquired

while paying my rent.

Swap numbers and papers

checking content

I swear that this day

is here to torment.

Go to insurance

and give them my speech,

then sit and I listen

to all that they preach.

Oh how I long

for a day at the beach.

Head down to the store

pick up food and some bleach,

grab scratch and some lotto,

a couple of each.

Checking my numbers

and always just out of reach

is my long, long awaited

day at the beach.

©Jolene Belmain

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Here is a song that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a bounce in your step!

Hey... I see me shadows

© 2008 JoleneBelmain


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