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idioms... sayings understood by native speakers part nine

Updated on November 2, 2011

Rich hurried out to the parking lot. Carl was kicking the door of his SUV.

"You are damaging Company property... ya know."

"Who gives a...You... give me my keys."

"Tsk Tsk. You haven't said the magic word, cousin."

"Magic my.." Carl swung again on his cousin, this time making contact with his face.

"Finally. Let's get this done, shall we?" As Rick viciously wiped his bleeding lip.

Carl came in again as Rick brought up a punch into Carl's breadbasket. Carl gasped and fell to his knees. Rick shoved his head down as the kid tried to stand back up.

"Do I have your attention now?"

"Leave me alone, Rick. I have tried all my life to catch up to you. I can't."

"Let's talk about one issue at a time, Bucko."


"Yeah. Isn't that what Allan called you when you two were growing up?"

"Stop it."

"No. I haven't even begun. Look at you, man. Your brother would be so ashamed of you right now."

"As dear old dad put it, Allan did not even know he had a brother."

Rick closed his eyes for a second remembering the boy who rocked non stop and flapped his fingers in the corner of his room. He also remembered when Carl was there, those behaviors seemed to lessen. The only word the boy ever said was Bucko... only when Carl was in the room.

"Your brother may have been damaged, but he knew you."

"It is my fault he died."


"I went to college and he stayed home with the nannies and care givers. I know he died of loneliness." Carl sat in a heap now. Tears falling with his head on his knees. Rick squatted down beside the man, and gave him the time he needed. When the sobs softened down to sniffles, Rick reached over and ruffled the younger man's hair.

"Get off me, man."

"Cousin... it's okay. I gave you plenty of reason fo cry." He stood up. "Love is a precious thing. Carl... if anything in this world I am sure of, Allan loved you in his awkward kinda way. And you loved your brother. As for your dad, he came from a different time. I am just sorry that so much pressure has been placed on you." Offering his hand to his cousin, the man reluctantly grabbed Rick's hand.

"Man, I tagged you a good one."

Rick laughed then grimaced. "I am sure that I deserved it... It only hurts when I laugh." Then tossed the keys to Carl. "Think you can drive the company car without getting into an accident now?"

"Yeah, I should've known. With you, it is all about the company."

"You just figured that out?" He punched the man in his shoulder. "This should be an interesting competition."

"You're on, Cuz. I won't lose."

Rick looked at the man. "Neither will I."

Odd laughter filled the lot. Jenny stood just outside surveying the scene. "Nice job, Mr. Fox."

Charlie sat in the middle of Lynn's bedroom. Clothes strewn all over the place, Lynn threw one without looking and it landed on her brother.

"Ha ha. Soft." As Charlie slid the dress off and started rubbing it on his cheek. Lynn laughed... and sat down beside her brother.

"Are you okay? Bub? I am sorry."

"Li Li is making a mess. Is Li Li angry?"

"No... I just cannot find anything to wear."

Charlie spied the yellow dress. "Li LI should dress like a flower." handing her the item.

"Ah, dear one, they have already seen that one."

Charlie looked confused. "They already seen every flower?:"'

Lynn sighed. The boy had a point. She grabbed her dark blue bulky sweater. Hmmmnnn. She found her mom's old Cameo pin of dark blue and white. I wonder.... Pinning it at the plunging neck line to form a key hole. Not bad..."Charlie, you are a genius."

"A what?"



"Yes, you. Who else would I say that to."

The knock came to the door. Charlie took off running. Lynn ran after him but tripped over a dress and fell headlong. As she looked up, there stood her best friend giggling at her. Jenny knelt down. "You okay, kiddo?"

Lynn got up and rubbed her knee. "The only thing hurt is my pride, I think."

"Jeez, Lynn. Look at this room."

"Yeah. I have never been invited to the big house on the hill before."

"The ... what?"

"You know, the place where the boss lives. He is the Chairman after all."


"Jenny, I am not like you. I don't do well in social situations."

"Be yourself, honey. That is always the best... Oh, that, and whatever happens, DO NOT DRINK."

Lynn giggled and rolled her eyes. "Like you need to tell me that."

"Where is Charlie?"

"Oh, putting away the groceries I bought. We are going to make cookies tonight."

"Oh, no..." Lynn ran into the kitchen only to find Charlie had opened the chocolate chips, now scattered all over the floor, and the few that were left in his mouth were being spit out.


Jenny just laughed. "Charlie, those really do taste better in cookies than by themselves." As she grabbed the broom, pulled out her cell phone and dialed. "Hey, Carl."

"What do you mean where did I get your number?"

"Of course, Lynn would give it to me. Anyway, we have a 911 emergency here, I need you to pick up some chocolate chips, semi sweet. Kay?"

"Thanks. You are a life saver." She closed her phone and tossed it into her purse. Broom in hand, she gave Charlie the dustpan.

"Time to clean up this mess, my friend." She glanced at Lynn. "Hey girl, get a move on. It is already five o'clock."

To be continued....



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    • meow48 profile image

      meow48 7 years ago from usa


    • profile image

      Aka Professor M 7 years ago

      It continues with plot and character development both in the right proportions for this series, meow48! Can't wait for the dinner on the hill.

      It holds out the promises to be very entertaining, if the rest of the series is a precursor to the nights proceedings. This is indeed well written and I am happy to vote it up!

      Great story, meow48, really enjoying it! Regards Aka Professor M! (Mike) ;D