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idioms...sayings understood by native speakers part eight

Updated on June 6, 2011

Carl sat outside the pub. His hands gripped the steering wheel. What was it about that scrawny brunette that made me want to talk about my brother...Closing his eyes and gulping, he took a deep breath. I will have to thankyou, Rick. You saved my arse tonight.

Tap...tap...tap... Carl turned to his left. There stood a tall blond haired woman, grinning from ear to ear. He rolled down the window.

"Jeez, Carl Matthews, you look like you have seen a ghost? Are you all right?"

He blinked hard and reshaped his face. "Of of course, beautiful. You here again tonight?"

Jenny laughed. "Yup. I am one of the owners. My partner is the bartender."

"What? Mr. Tall guy with an attitude."

"Yeah. .he's my half brother. Who'd have guessed?"

"Oh. That figures. You both share the same attitude."

"Yeah, something like that. Since we are sitters tomorrow for Charlie, do you think you should be drinking tonight?"

"Hey. I am a big boy."

Jenny gave the guy a long stare. "Really?" and walked back into the pub.

Carl hopped out and followed the woman like a puppy dog.

"Your cousin is waiting for you." As she went up to the bar and hopped up on a stool, she watched in the mirror as Carl found his cousin at one of the tables and sat down.

"Larry, can you tone that guy's drinks down a bit."

"How come, Jenny?"

"He has to work tomorrow. Let's just leave it at that."

"Anything for my senior partner" Larry surveyed his pub as he dried glasses with his towel.

Jenny grinned. "Thanks."


Lynn got up and washed the cups. Her hand throbbed. She swallowed a couple of Tylenol wrapping her hand in a towel with some ice in it. She then walked over and made sure the cowbell was on Charlie's door. As she grabbed a throw and lay down on the couch, she allowed herself the rare luxury of a nap.


"Whiskey." Carl stated to the waiter.

Rick sat across from him nursing his beer.

"You going for the hard stuff, this early?"

"Yeah. I think I am way over twenty-one."

"Yeah, but I am buying. and the work day ain't over. Make that a beer, Kay?"

"Give me a break. I had to take care ot that girl's brother all day."

Rick raised his eyebrow. Something must have happened.

"What?" he glared at that annoying raised eyebrow. "What did that old man have to say?" As the waiter returned with a beer.

Carl took a gulp. "Damn... who ordered near beer?"

"This is on the house, sir. It is our own specialty."   As the waiter turned and gave a wink to the blond at the bar who was sipping quietly on her diet coke.

Carl gave a disgusted sigh.

"Hey, it is the homemade brew of the house. You should feel privileged."

"Look... just tell me exactly what grandpa said."

Rick crossed his arms and leaned back. "I am not sure I want to."

"Rick, right now, I am feeling very very irritated. This is not the time to make me more so."


"Then tell me what the hell is going on."

"Dad told me that since we are the only grandchildren that have wanted to be involved with the company, Grandfather is rewriting his will. In it, he will designate who will get the company."

"Based on what?"

"Not exactly sure yet."


"He is going to challenge us over the next month to prove ourselves."

"Hell, you are the CO. Why would I want all those headaches?"

"You are going to throw in the towel before even starting?"

"And you put me in charge of research and development to work on a project for special needs children. How screwed up is that?"

"What? I thought you would appreciate it. Considering Allan and all."

"Don't bring him into this."

"Man, you really are touchy tonight. I thought you wanted to celebrate the proposal being accepted by the board. That is why I am treating you."

"As you told me before, it wasn't my proposal."

"Look, right now the board is looking at us as equals."

"Yeah, right. Excuse me."

Carl took his beer and headed to the bar. He hopped onto the stool beside Jenny.

"So since you are the owner, I have a complaint to file."

Jenny took a sip of her coke and pointed to the sign above the bar.

Carl read it. "We reserve the right to refuse to serve anyone who is troublesome."

"Be careful, Mr. Matthews. My brother and I don't play."

"Your brother doesn't scare me."

Jenny reached over with a gentle smile. Larry quietly cleared the area in front of Carl. She grabbed Carl's hand and pushed his wrist back in a lock. Carl's face showed pain and shock as she stood over Carl to gain better leverage.

Larry took the towel he was holding and wiped down the area in front of Carl and whispered..."I am not the one you should be scared of, bro."

Jenny gave a wicked smile. "Mr. Matthews, the jury is still out on you. I will cut you some slack tonight since your mood seems to be bad. But never judge a book by its covers." She saw Rick getting up. "Looks like your cousin is coming to your rescue." As she released him, the man in shock held his wrist and rubbed it. "I will see you at Lynn's house at six sharp. Got it?"

Rick grabbed Carl's shoulder who shrugged it off and then swung wildly. Rick dodged and turned him quickly towards the door, grateful that traffic in the bar was light on this Friday afternoon.

"Get off me, man."

"Fine. Grow up, will ya?"

"That is what my old man said."


"The day Allan died. My old man called me over the phone. As I cried, all he could say to me was Grow up." Carl walked out of the bar.

"Um, your Miss Johnson's friend? I apologize for my cousin."

"No problem. We all have demons." Turning to look in the mirror again, she added. "Mr. Matthews, it seems I may have judged you too harshly. Maybe you are not a wolf or a leopard. More like a sly fox?"

"Whatever." As he threw some money on the bar, he told the bartender to keep the change.

to be continued...


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    • meow48 profile image

      meow48 6 years ago from usa

      thanks, your comments give me the hope to keep writing.

    • profile image

      Aka Professor M 6 years ago

      @Meow48: The plot thickens and has now garnered my undivided interest! This is good enough to be published! Please consider it, meow48, as you have shown quite the storytelling talent with this Hub Series!

      I will get to the next part when I can but I'm sure it won't disappoint based on what I've read so far! Great work! Regards Aka Professor M! (Mike) ;D