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idioms...sayings understood by native speakers part sixty four

Updated on June 11, 2011

Janice Clark looked at her watch. Her husband said to meet him up in the ICU. She sat holding his lunch bag, waiting behind the nursing desk.

Jenny woke up abruptly after drifting off holding Sara's hand. She rubbed her eyes in an effort ot become alert enough to leave. She had to get out of John Matthews' line of sight. Then the others would be safe. That was the agreed to plan. She stood up as the nurse came in.

"We are going to prepare to extubate Sara, so if you want to wait in the waiting room outside, I will come and get you as soon as it is done."

Jenny nodded. She gave Sara's hand a squeeze and kissed her on the cheek as she left.

Janice spun around the revolving chair one more time and spotted a blond haired girl in a black T shirt with the words, Beam me up Scotty, there is no intelligent life here. She got up and followed the woman who looked like she had been crying out of the ICU.

Jenny jabbed the down button to head out. She had already called for a taxi. As she got on the elevator, a petite strawberry blond woman got on the elevator with her.

Jenny hit the M button for Main and cornered herself in the elevator. The kindly woman turned her face to her and Jenny was taken aback slightly noticing a birthmark that covered the left side of her face. She looked at the door hoping to make a clean get away.

"Miss? I really like that T-shirt, mind telling me where you got it?"

"Oh, ah, Dr. Clark's wife gave it to me. I have been here for days and well, out of pity or kindness she told Dr. Clark that I could have this. I am sorry. I have no idea where to get one."

Janice smiled. "It was not out of pity."

"How would you know?" Jenny asked irritated, because small talk was not something she wanted or needed to engage in right now.

"I know, because, I am Janice Clark, Dr. Clark's wife. I am pleased to meet you." The woman extended her hand to Jenny.

Jenny reached out timidly. focusing on the woman's chin.

Janice's smile broadened. "Not quite the picture of a great surgeon's wife, am I?"

Jenny shrugged. "I don't know. I am not sure what a surgeon's wife is supposed to look like."

"Exactly." She stepped out with Jenny. "Are you going somewhere?"

"Ah, er, I have to leave."

"Ah, so your man is being discharged today?"

"Possibly... I am not sure."

Janice narrowed her eyes. "What? Did you two have a fight?"

"No, it's not that."

"So you are leaving for just a little while and coming back."

"Ah, er..." The woman kept firing the questions like a automatic weapon and Jenny could not get her lies out.

"So you won't be coming back."

"Well, some things can't be helped."

'Ah, I see."

"Really?" Jenny finally got a word in.

"Well, no. Not really. But to each his own, you can go, but I want my clothes back."


"You heard me." The woman linked Jenny's arm and they headed off to the coffee shop.


"Nurse, did you see my wife up here?"

"She was here just a minute ago." The nurse grabbed the lunch bag and handed it to him. "I guess she left this for you."

He smiled.

"Dr. Clark?"


"Why don't you eat in the cafeteria like the rest of the doctors?"

"Have you ever met my wife?"

The nurse laughed. "She is a good soul."

"I will repeat, have you met my wife?"

"She can be a powerhouse sometimes."

"She is an irresistible force that becomes activated by any immovable object." He stated with a grin.

"That really does describe her."

"So, now you know why I don't eat cafeteria food."

He turned as a man sitting in a wheel chair came forward to the station.

"Mr. Matthews.. I am glad you are here. The anesthesiologist should be done extubating your mother. Stay here and I will see if they are finished." Then he saw the man was alone. "Where is that pretty friend of yours?"

Carl looked up at the man. "I guess I really didn't deserve her."

Dr. Clark nodded. "Well, it is good news about your mom today. Keep thinking about her for now." As he left to go check on Sara, he felt the hair on his neck stand up. Janice wouldn't get involved in anything like that.... He narrowed his eyes and whispered to the ICU nurse, "Was there a blond woman here to visit Mrs. Matthews?"

"Sure. I had to shoo her out because of the procedure, but she should be in the waiting room."

Dr. Clark closed his eyes, saying a quick prayer that Janice wasn't making any trouble.

"Now, Sara, take a deep breath and then let it out as hard as you can. Do it again." The man had untaped the tube. "One more time." He yanked it out quickly and Sara coughed hard. Oxygen was placed on her face and she cleared her throat a little.

"Sara, you are going to have a sore throat for a few days. It might be hard to speak for a while too. But you did great. We will keep you here for twenty four hours to make sure this tube doesn't have to go back in. Okay?"

Sara, a little tearful from the procedure, nodded and smiled. Dr. Clark came up to her.

"Sara, your son wants to see you."

Sara shook her head no.

"No? He has been very worried about you."

Sara whispered, "I can't. I am too ashamed."

"Is there anyone that you want to see first?"

"Jenny... I need Jenny."

"I think she may have left out of the area... but I will go look for her, okay?"

Then he took the woman's hand in his. "Sara, I know you have been through Hell, but your son has kinda went on that journey with you. All he wants is to see his mom and make sure she is all right. Can you bring your self to comfort your son right now?"

Sara closed her eyes. "But.."

"But, nothing. You are not the one who was at fault or to blame in any way. Carl is just outside." He paused. "What say you, Mom?"

Carl sat nervously in his chair. Dr. Clark came out and wheeled him to the room and placed him close to the bed. Carl reached out for his mother's hand. Dr. Clark smiled and then went to find his wife, he just had a hunch.


"So you think if you leave, this man will not bother your friends any more?" Janice opened four sweet and lows and dumped them into her coffee.

Jenny nodded. Wondering how in fifteen minutes this woman had gotten her to tell the whole story.

"Look, I have a taxi waiting, and I know the meter is running..."

"No, I told security to cancel it."

"Why? What? Who the hell are you to...?

She smiled at Jenny, a most brilliant most devious smile in the world, "I thought we established that. I am Dr. Clark's wife." She looked up and grinned, "Speak of the devil."

Dr. Clark hurried over to the table, by now, this blond woman probably had enough of his wife's meddling.


Joey entered the computer room again with the fifth cup of coffee. Scott smiled took it and told him to have a seat.

"Sir, how is the investigation going?"

"Ah, you are keeping a low profile and making it a state affair."

"I am sending you some files that have fallen into my hands from an anonymous source and I am asking you to look at the notes I made."

"Um, Crematoriums?"

"They were vandalized?"

"Ah, I see. After you confirm these files I am sending, maybe the bodies should be cross referenced to the funeral homes responsible for the disposal of the remains."

"Sir, I understand. I know I am incorrigible."

"I know, I am making your hair grey."

"Bomb threat?" He paused and took a drink of coffee. "Um, I might have heard something about that."

"No C4 was involved, really... It was only a couple of sticks of dynomite."

Joey caught the look on Scott's face which appeared like a deer caught in headlights.

"Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir. I know I am making your life hell."

"On the other hand, though, my mom is doing well."

"Thankyou Sir. I will update you later, Bye."

Joey frowned as Scott turned to him and said, "I guess that went well."

to be continued.


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    • meow48 profile image

      meow48 6 years ago from usa

      thankyou for your kind vote of confidence, take care.

    • profile image

      Aka Professor M 6 years ago

      Introducing another dynamic character this late in the plot is dangerous by you seem to have pulled it off well, Jean!

      You add Janice Clark Aka Xena Warrior Princess! Nice Touch and Now this is getting very interesting in the mix that is the Climatic Conclusion which will be looming on the horizon very soon! Another great segment Jean!

      Voted Up!

      Regards Mike! (Aka Professor M!) ;D