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in quiet conscience

Updated on October 10, 2014

in quite conscience

im stuck worth dirt in the eyes of gods

blighted tree of impurity fruitless and besieged

the point of origins the point to life

get a load of this-this shit and i coexist

escape was never an option escape was never my prerogative

escape was the faith in redemption

the redeemer i sought to lick my wounds turned away when i prayed for the knowledge of his ways

open mind and shut your mouth

you are the failure-its not yours now

get out and make the giving

the scorched unliving eternity

goddamn the mailman-deliver my pain-take my cup to the next life

if ever there will be for me i dread the day i am reborn

in quiet conscience i die for an end

in quiet conscience i cry for the sin

in quiet conscience i fight for amends

in chaos science we roll dice till we win

in quiet conscience i die for an end



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