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la xpress about the paranomal poltergeist experience 2

Updated on June 30, 2013
Sydney Silver photographed by Will Thompson (714) 351-7637
Sydney Silver photographed by Will Thompson (714) 351-7637

Poltergeists, second experience


The second poltergeist experience I had was when I was a housecleaner. I used to clean for my mother, who had a house cleaning business. We would clean a lot in this one retirement village. Sometimes, the place was vacated and we were doing a top to bottom cleaning for a new tenant to move in.

We never knew if the place was vacated due to someone moving out, or because they had died. But usually, it was safe to assume they had died, this being a place elderly people settled in and did not normally move from once settled.

In this particular house, I was cleaning the bathroom when I started smelling the most disgusting, horrible smell. It didn’t smell like anything I could identify, it just reeked. Gagging, I scrubbed and scrubbed but the smell just got stronger. Suddenly, I became afraid, for no reason. My skin prickled, and I felt something was terribly wrong - not only with the evasive, obnoxious smell in the sparkling clean bathroom - but I just felt as if a presence was there, and it was not happy with me at all. I stood there a second, then ran from the bathroom and slammed the door shut.

I felt mildly better once I was out of the bathroom, but I was still shaken, and I had no reason to be so. Therefore I did not mention it to my brother, who was dusting the living room. I went in the kitchen and I started scrubbing the sink. After a few minutes of scrubbing, the dishwasher right next to me suddenly turned on! I jumped, screamed, and ran into the living room to yell at my brother.

“You jerk!” I screamed at him, “Why did you do that?”

“Do what?” he demanded back, very angry that I was accusing him.

“You snuck into the kitchen, turned on the dishwasher next to me, then ran out!”

“How could I have done that?” he asked. “You would have seen me running out.”

As he said it, I knew he was correct, as I had whipped my head around the second the washer turned on, and no one had been in the kitchen. I was just screaming unreasonably at my brother so that my own mind wouldn’t be too scared. We went back in the kitchen - and the dishwasher was not running.

“It WAS running!” I insisted, and I opened it. Hot steam and water came out of the dishwasher, proving my story. We looked at each other. I told him I felt like something was weird about the house, and he quietly admitted he had been feeling the same way when he was in the living room.

I chose to leave the kitchen at that point, and clean in the secondary bathroom. I was much to scared to stay in the kitchen. In the secondary bathroom, as I was cleaning, I couldn’t get a certain row of lights on. It was annoying scrubbing in the very dim light, and I heard my brother cussing in the hallway as he was trying to get the vacuum to turn on.

“Damn thing!” he cussed. I closed the door to the bathroom, used the toilet, and tried to flush it. It refused to flush. As I started jiggling the handle madly, and heard my brother still cussing at the vaccuum, I suddenly became very afraid again. I did not like being separated from my brother in this weird house. I flung the door open and suddenly, the vaccuum roared to life, the entire row of bathroom lights turned on, and … I turned to flush the toilet and it worked.

My brother and I stared at each other. “Let’s get out of here, just do a feather dust job and lets get out of here” I stammered, and he agreed, fear plain on his face. We basically, did a light vacuum job on the hallway, packed up our stuff and ran out the door less than five minutes later. We sat on the steps to wait for my mother to pick us up, feeling nice and safe on the front steps with the house’s door locked. But - our little adventure was far from over - far from over. It just got more creepy from there. TO BE CONTINUED…….

Sydney Silver is a radio show co-hostess on She is recounting her real life memories. Please listen to her archived radio shows on and tell a friend!


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