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Lauren Conrad Books In Order

Updated on September 16, 2014

LA Candy, The Fame Game, Lauren Conrad Books - Chick Lit Novels By L Conrad

Here you will find the entire series of Lauren Conrad books in order along with my reviews of each book, including her famous L.A. Candy trilogy, her Fame Game series and a few others books that Lauren Conrad has written.

Lauren Conrad is a new star soon to become a household name in modern fiction. Her books are all about fashion, style and the inner workings of the TV reality show world. Her L.A. Candy series is a typical and lovely chick lit narrative, writing style that was first made popular all over the world by books such as Bridget Jones' Diary, Sex and the City and The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing.

While chick lit is not usually my type of read, I did enjoy reading the trilogy maybe because I deeply admire Lauren Conrad and I do like my summer guilty pleasures now and then. And once I started reading the books, they really hooked me in.

These books are light summer reads or if you are heading towards winter, there is nothing better than curling up with a good fluffy and easy modern chick lit fun in front of your fireplace with some ambient music.

The L.A. Candy Trilogy

L.A Candy Books In Order

The L.A Candy series includes 3 books. While they can be read independently, it all really makes sense if you read them in order simply because all books follow Jane Roberts and her adventures in the world of the reality TV show.

  • L.A. Candy (Book 1)

    L.A. Candy is the first book in the trilogy about Jane Roberts. It was first published in June 2009

  • Sweet Little Lies (Book 2)

    Book two of the LA Candy trilogy has been first published in February 2010 as a hardcover

  • Sugar And Spice (Book 3)

    Sugar and Spice is the third and final novel of the L.A. Candy series. Published in October 2010

L.A Candy (Book 1)

L.A Candy is the first book in Lauren Conrad's trilogy with the same name. It is also her first ever published book.

The story follows Jane Roberts, a 19 years old girl who is approached (along with her friend Scarlett) by a TV producer to wants them in a reality TV show. Soon her face is all over the place, she becomes famous, however with fame come also problems.

It was a fun book to read, a light chick lit, one which gave me some ideas about the inner workings of the world of TV shows.

It's definitely not heavy literature, but perfect for those moments when you don't want to think too much, but simply enjoy some mindless fun that take you away from the everyday problems for a few hours or so.

Sweet Little Lies (Book 2)

Sweet Little Lies is the second book in the L.A. Candy trilogy by Lauren Conrad. When Jane Roberts and her friend landed in their own TV show called L.A Candy, they instantly became famous and well known all over the place. Of course some of the perks of being 'hot' on TV is easy access to parties, having the photo plastered everywhere and having lots of friends. But there is also a dark side to being so well known, as the L.A. Candy girls will soon discover...

Tabloid scandals, paparazzi and the like are sadly a regular part of the 'rich and famous' lifestyle and soon the girl will have to deal with scandals, dark secrets leaked to the press and the race for a next season in the popular L.A. Candy TV show...

This was just as entertaining as the first book, albeit again a fluffy and light style, which is perfect for those hot summer beach days of careless fun.

Sugar And Spice (Book 3)

Sugar and Spice is the third and concluding book in the L.A. Candy trilogy by Lauren Conrad. The style is just as fluffy, light and easy as the previous two books. Chick lit at its best and if you like to read about Hollywood and its secrets and scandals, this is the perfect book to curl up with. In this last book Jane Roberts learns about trust and mistrust and who her real friends are through a rather harsh lesson.

I love the drama that unfolds here and many questions get answered (as they should, since it's the last book afterall). Lots of gossip and girl stuff that only true chick lit lovers will appreciate. I was truly sorry that the series ended because by the third book I truly got to care about Jane and her Hollywood world.

The Fame Game Series

The Fame Game Books In Order

So far the new series by Lauren Conrad is made of one book, however a second one is soon to be published - in fact this very October. The second book is already available for preorder.

  • The Fame Game (Book 1)

    The Fame Game is the first book in the new series by Lauren Conrad. It was published in April 2012

  • Starstruck (Book 2)

    Starstruck is book two in the Fame Game series. It will be available for purchase in October 2012

The Fame Game (Book 1)

The Fame Game is the first book in the new chick lit series by Lauren Conrad. In fact I enjoyed it even more than L.A. Candy series, not quite sure why, maybe because the author has already started to hone her knew writing skills and basically get better with every new book she wrote. Fact is that this book is a winner.

The series follows Madison Parker, a 19 year old girl who also appeared in L.A Candy. While the previous series follows Jane Roberts, here the focus is on Madison and her time in the spotlight.

She has lots of friends, but also lots of enemies, so there is lots to do here to really become famous. Her friends are against her, her family does not support her either, so it's definitely not so easy for Madison.

Here we find several other characters that we've first seen in L.A. Candy, and maybe this is also one reason why it's best to read the Lauren Conrad books in order, as there is a sense of continuity throughout the novels, even though there are two distinct series here.

Overall it's a good light read, the perfect modern chick lit.

Have you read any of Lauren Conrad's books?

Have you read any of Lauren Conrad's books?

See results

Starstruck (Book 2)

Starstruck is the second book in The Fame Game series. It picks up pretty much where the first book ended.

Here Madison is presented with a warmer character and I kind of got fond of her after reading this book. She is searching for who she really is, and she'd do anything for those whom she loves.

Kate Hayes, instead, changes for the worse, until she realizes that she's starting to become a person who is not really her.

Carmen has her own problems to deal with, and her friendship with Kate is strained due to Carmen's love interests. Lots of drama here, and if you like reality show stories, this one will be right up your alley.

Infamous (Book #3)

Infamous is the third book in the Fame Game chick lit series by Lauren Conrad. I loved how I could follow the main characters from book to book and see them develop and change (often for the better - well except Carmen, who was really not a likable character).

Madison became one of my favorites in here, despite starting out like a real b*tch. I won't spoil it for you (granted, this last book didn't have all that much plot anyway), but I found it quite the nice and satisfying ending for a fun series.

Other Books By Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad Style

Lauren Conrad Style
Lauren Conrad Style

This is one of Lauren Conrad's non-fiction books and it's all about fashion, style and glamour. Lauren gives tons of tips to the every day girl on how to dress, how to make her hair, how to be modern and look classy. Afterall Lauren has a lot of experience in looking classy herself. If you want to get behind the scene and learn from Lauren Conrad herself, then this book is the perfect way short of actually meeting her in person.


Lauren Conrad - A Guilty Pleasure

my copy of Lauren Conrad's Beauty
my copy of Lauren Conrad's Beauty

Lauren Conrad is one of my guilty pleasures. I'm so not much into chicklit as I'm into mysteries, thrillers and sci-fi novels, but I've been following her fashion blog for ages, so I'm quite familiar with her style of writing, which comes perfectly through in her books.

I actually bought every single one of them as they came out, including the hardcover of Beauty shown above. Perfect books for the summer to read at the beach (granted, it's best to get the paper back editions for reading at the beach). Light and fun novels that keep you entertained for a few hours.

© 2012 Marika

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I am glad that she is publishing books because it will be great for her career.

    • profile image

      mouse1996 lm 

      6 years ago

      I had no idea she wrote. I hear she's a smart young woman, so I am sure her books are interesting. I'll have to check them out.

    • kislanyk profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Cyprus

      @jolou: I only knew her from the MTV show, and I was quite surprised when I once saw one of her books reviewed at Goodreads. That's when I picked up the first LA Candy book and then decided to read everything else she's put out. It's interesting how a TV star can cross over to a completely new area - namely writing fiction and non-fiction books. Good for her!

    • jolou profile image


      6 years ago

      I'm familiar with Lauren Conrad but did not know she was a writer. The books sound interesting.

    • DuaneJ profile image


      6 years ago

      Lauren Conrad books sound good!


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