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Tears from Heaven

Updated on February 27, 2014

It rained on the day of her funeral, such a sad day. A beautiful little girl was laid to rest, after only five days of life. She had strawberry blond hair like her mommy, blue eyes that looked just like her daddy's, and was absolutely beautiful. So young yet loved by so many especially her mommy and daddy. Two loving parents who wanted nothing but the best for their little girl. Born so tiny and frail, she weighed less than two pounds.

On this day she entered the pearly gates of Heaven with God and the angels to nurture and care for her tiny little soul. As my son said his final goodbyes, he told her how she would have her pappa and other family members to care for her, until they could meet again. So beautiful and touching, a heart-wrenching scene played out before my eyes with my son and his little daughter as he declared his love.Tears streamed down my cheeks as I watched this sad, sad scene. My heart broke for him this day.

After I went back to work, I had a young lady walk up to me. She said normally I don't approach someone out of the blue like this, unless they ask me questions. However, she felt strongly compelled to do so. She had a special gift. She had spirits who spoke to her. She wanted me to know my little granddaughter was in no pain. She said she wanted to thank me for kissing her on the forehead and being there with her. She remembered the tears which had rolled onto her face, as I held her. The young lady went on tell me, my granddaughter said things were not yet right for her to be here. She said she knew she was loved. However, there was too much going on, but she knew her daddy truly loved her. It was just not her time now, but she would be back someday.

This rattled me somewhat. I wasn't really sure what to believe. However, very few people knew I had held her, or my tears had streamed onto her face. I became a believer of the unknown. Many people may think I'm crazy. But on the day she was buried, it rained and I truly believe these were tears from heaven. So everytime it rains, I think of my sweet innocent granddaughter, up in heaven. I have always believed, when it rains, these are tears from her. I believe they are for all the sad events, which have transpired in her family's lives.

I truly believe these are especially for her daddy. She knows, he has lost his way. She fears for the unknown for him. I've tried to snap my son back into reality with these words. Hoping upon hope, he will see he needs to change. Of course, my son feels I'm crazy. However, it is faith and hope, I believe in. I've told my son his little girl cries tears from heaven for him. She is so afraid of what may happen, and wants her daddy to believe again. They are tears from heaven from his beloved little angel.


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  • proudmamma profile image

    proudmamma 7 years ago

    Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I just keep praying for a miracle.

  • bayoulady profile image

    bayoulady 7 years ago from Northern Louisiana,USA

    Keep believing that your son will get better! Thanks for telling your story. It must hurt so bad to lose a grandchild.

  • galleryofgrace profile image

    galleryofgrace 7 years ago from Virginia

    Keep believing- miracles happen every second.Thanks for sharing.