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Love is the Pilot (Lucid Dreams)

Updated on November 27, 2015

Last night i woke up in a strange place
somewhere out of orbit, beyond time and space
and i was flying with such grace, felt so safe
until i looked back and noticed that i was being chased
But what were they!? Monsters, demons maybe an alien race?
Soon as i gave into my fears, my speed dropped and i began to sway

All of a sudden i heard a voice in my head say:For more energy and power, your vibration you must raiseso get out of fear and find that good feeling placeSo you can pick up the pace, as you can see there's no time to wastethey're approaching and your light they will takethey'll send you back to earth but first this memory erase!So at this point i made my mind go silentthe fear began to evaporate, my red shirt turned violetand then i remembered, if i want to fly,just gotta make Love the pilot.


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