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Nicknames And Street Names For Alcohol - These Will Make You Laugh

Updated on January 5, 2012
Red Wine
Red Wine | Source

Alcohol is everywhere these days, wherever you are, alcohol is not far away - even if you are a non drinker. It has become normal now for a couple to open a bottle of wine of an evening and finish it, whereas a few years ago this would not have been acceptable. Enough with the hoo-ha surrounding alcohol, and now onto the more fun aspect of this hub - nicknames and street names for alcohol. I bet you've heard some of these before, and probably didn't realize that the conversation was about alcohol? Some of them are stupid, while others are quite imaginative - but some do sound better than the harsh "alcohol".

Hard Stuff

Personally, if someone said to be " Do you wanna go and grab some hard stuff?" , I would not think they were talking about going for a drink. Besides, most alcohol now is such a low percentage, you'd have to drink a lot for it to be called hard stuff - unless you drink whisky, brandy, vodka etc.


I get this if someone is talking about drinking whisky or vodka neat because it is I imagine like drinking firewater, as it burns the back of your throat. Quite original, but it does sound like something out of Harry Potter.


I love this one, my family has used it for years - mainly for wine. It just has quite a catchy ring to it.

Piss Water

Hmm... Sounds like something a 15 year old kid would use, when asking for a pint. Then again, it is probably only used by kids!

Wobbly Pops

I love wobbly pops. It's quite imaginative, and for some people it does make them wobbly. hmm... me. It's quite childish, I suppose, but then I can see adults using the term.


Now this I can imagine being used for certain cocktails - because let's be honest how many cocktails do you know that actually taste nice? People drink them because it's a race of who can last the longest. If you were sober you wouldn't touch them with a barge pole.

Dutch Courage

This is used on the television a fair bit - " I need some dutch courage". Alcohol affects us all differently, for some it makes us relaxed and calm, while for others it makes us bolder, more daring. So the name does work.

Loudmouth Soup

Continuing on from the above, alcohol makes some people arrogant, aggressive and generally loudmouths. All talk and no action, springs to mind. So love this nickname for alcohol.

Nectar Of The Gods

Don't have a clue where this one came from. It sounds like something the Queen would order, it sounds posh, even though it's a slang name.


" Why don't you come and have a tipple with me?" - I like this one, probably one of my favourites, and another that is used in television quite a bit.

Joy Juice

Some of us look forward to the weekend as it's the only time people can get smashed and not care. Joy Juice fits because some people believe they need alcohol to have fun.


Last but not least is the oldest slang/nickname for alcohol in the book - booze. " lets have a booze up", " want to go to the boozer?" " Shall we get some booze?".

I really do hope some of these nicknames and street names for alcohol have made you laugh, while on the other hand being interesting enough so that the next time you hear these terms, you know what they mean!


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