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Poems From The Jersey Shore 6 - Children's Edition

Updated on May 7, 2020
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Tim is a freelance writer, poet, artist and storyteller. He always tries to find and include lessons for everyone in his writing.

Philly Skyline
Philly Skyline | Source

Greetings From the Jersey Shore

Not much has changed since the last time I've published some poems in this format. Well of course it has only been a week and we're still stuck in doors so not much will have changed.

Here in this grouping I've decided to offer up some children's poems I've written. While I love to write children's poems they are tougher to write because you have to change your mindset to what a child would like.

I hope you like them.

Maxi | Source

Ted the Rabbit

I had a rabbit named Ted

Who liked to sleep in my bed

At night he snuggled

And cuddled close to me

The all of sudden with a twist

Things would become amiss

Fred tossed and turned

started to dance

Till finally I said to Fred

Get back to the shed

Go sleep there instead

Now off with you,

Off with you Tedd

I can’t have cake for breakfast

I Can't Have

I can’t have

Cake for breakfast

I can’t have

Ice cream too

I can’t have

Vanilla pudding

What am I to do

I can’t have

Cookies for lunch

I can’t have

A Mountain Dew

I can’t have

A candy bar

What am I to do

I can’t have

A donut for dinner

I can’t have

A red charoo

I can’t have

Cotton candy

What am I to do

National Cancer Institute
National Cancer Institute | Source

Board Games

Board games

Oh, how you love to play

Those board games

Board games




What are you doing to me




I don’t know about you

But haven’t we had enough




Oh were not done yet

what could left?



Connect 4

Ok momma

Please, Please Stop

I’m going out to play

With the kids down the block

Markus Spiske
Markus Spiske | Source

Dug Up A Dinosaur

Dug Up A Dinosaur

In my back yard

His name is Red the rex

All right said Red

Then he danced a jig

And rattled his bones

He winked an eye socket

Sniffed with no nose

It’s good to out of the ground

It’s good to run around

Red jumped over the fence

Took of down my street

Clomp, rattle, clomp, rattle, clomp

Went the bones in his feet

I thought about chasing him

But I just let him go

My Momma's Nerves

I’ve been workin’ on

My momma’s nerves

Each and every day

I’ve been workin’ on

My momma’s nerves

Just to pass the time away

Can’t you hear my momma yelling

Time to go to your room

Can’t you hear my dad

Listen to you now, son

Can’t you here my momma yelling

Time to go to your room

Every Morning

Every morning when the

sun is just right

My room is filled

with light

It’s a wonderful sight

It bounces off the ceiling

the floor and the walls

It bounces out the door

and down the hall

It bounces into the room

of my mom and dad

It even bounces into the room

of my bad brother Tad

It bounces into the living room

Where is seems to stay

For a few hours

thenit just goes away

One Wish

If a I could but

one wish

Which wish would I

wish for

I’d like the wish

That’s the best wish

To have just one more wish

with which to wish

for more wishes

If I could wish one wish what would it be?


Why did Humpty sit

On the Wall

When he know in the end

He might fall

Humpty wasn’t there

Because he was brave

Humpty wasn’t there


In the beginning

Humpty had a plan

From the top of the wall

He could see the whole land

But then humpty took a slip

Off the wall he did fall

Now it’s scrambled eggs

For all

The New Girl

The new girl down the street

who I thought was nice

now I don’t know

I gotta think twice

The new girl took my coat

The new let go my toad

The new girl rode my bike

down the road

The new girl bent my comics

The new girl should go home

The new girl used my swing

The new girl broke my ball

The new girl called my

G.I Joe a doll

The new girl is a pain

The new girl is a pest

The new girl said she’ll

be back tomorrow cause she

likes me the best

That’s It Folks

Goodbye from the Jersey Shore for another week or so. I don’t really have a set time for publishing these compilations. I have a few other articles I write but poetry is one of my favorite things to write.

As always if you have any requests please feel free to place them in the comments.

Well until next time. Stay safe.

© 2020 Timothy Whitt


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