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Alas! I Have Found a True Friend

Updated on February 4, 2017

A poem about true friendship

by: Yollie Bunag

True friends are indeed hard to find. True friends are faithful and they are loyal. True friends are there for you, through thick and thin, sometimes offering advice, at times just listening to you, and at times offering a shoulder to cry on, offering encouragement--that it will be better.... Sometimes they tell you what no one else would dare and at times, tell you their perspective. They may be brutally honest for your own good. Time and distance do not diminish true friendship. Do you have true and loyal friends?

I dedicate this poem to all my true friends, near and far away. May our Lord Almighty bless you with peace, prosperity, and happiness, now and always. Hope you like it.

Alas! I've Found a True Friend

Hundreds of friends I have

None to be like you

You may not be the best

But the rarest among them

In you that I found sincerity

Not by praises nor gifts you offer

Neither from companionship you provide

But from the way you've accepted me

I was in a lone desert

Searching for a rare gem

Absurdity it may sound

But the price is worthy

Yet, you came suddenly

And opened up my book of life

For a long time it was concealed

Because none of my friends ever touched it

You've listened to my stories

Understanding every details

Chapter by chapter you've read it

Until you finally drew into conclusion

Nobody dares to appreciate

This kind of book that I have

For the words were mere symbols

It only needs someone like you to comprehend

For years I have this very best friend

But still can't grasp my inner feelings

Appreciating only for what I can offer

My book cover was only known

You caught a glimpse of my book

Yet opened it so gently

Scanning every page of it

Until you realized who am I really

Now that I found a true friend

Indeed how lucky I am for having you

A true possession I have to cherish

Until the last moment in my life will I remember you

By Yollie M. Bunag

(C) Copyright Reserved

My Quotation:

"Treasure something in your heart and you'll surely find pleasure in somebody's heart"

By: Yollie M. Bunag

"One True Friend"

by Poems For Friends

"One True Friend" Touching 8x10 Poem, Double-matted In Dark Green/Burgundy, And Enhanced With Watercolor Graphics. A Gift For A Friend.

This beautiful poem will touch your friend's heart in a profound and meaningful way. It is sure to become a treasured keepsake...a reminder of the special friendship you share.

Miley Cyrus~ True Friend (With Lyrics)

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Beautiful poem on friendship. Very nicely presented. Thanks! :)


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