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ProWritingAid Advantages for Beginner Editors Seeking Expertise

Updated on February 2, 2016
tsmog profile image

Tim Mitchell is an avid learner adventuring into many interests. He enjoys sharing those experiences and discovered knowledge.

A Bridge to Somewhere. Edit with Confidence


Why an editor is necessary

Writers at any level of authoring seek to better skills to deliver a message to an on or offline audience. That may be specific to:

  • Disciplines of academia
  • Details of business and industry
  • Facts and opinions of politics
  • Knowledge and expertise with products, services, and How-to
  • Career pathways
  • Lifestyle choices
  • And, sharing journeys offering a map to follow

In the event delivering a dynamic message is important, then language usage prevails. The streaming for reading will vary with composition. Common is informational providing a service while are creative – short stories or poetry, too. Equally important is they have elements along a line in motion like a map is traveled through a landscape to a destination.

Transitions prevent harshness from leading astray pointing the right direction just like a compass bearing through a forest of words. In the first place purpose with presentation is best being fluid and dynamic overcoming obstacles with ease. Arrived upon are feelings, envisioning, and understanding the meaning. ProWritingAid for editing achieves those with twenty-two thorough reports that allow development of a vision with a writer’s voice.

Knowledge is love and light and vision.

— Helen Keller

Knock on the door of opportunity. The easy to use plug-in

In deed the plug-in is an easy to use icon panel in Microsoft’s Word task bar. Found is a magic wand named General with a list where selections are made. A rhombus as an eraser removes the highlighting from the document. There is a cloud for access to a word cloud beside a quotation mark for a unique look at online plagiarism. Seen is a voice tag for submitting feedback while most are familiar with a gear icon leading to seven settings:

  • License – The purchased license is displayed plus six pattern settings:
  1. Academic
  2. Business
  3. Creative
  4. General
  5. Technical
  6. Web Copy
  • Connection – internet use
  • Reports – ticks to toggle on desired selections for the full analysis
  • Combo Report – ticks to customize the report
  • Patterns - a customizable pattern setting with a Help
  • Analysis - settings for view, dialogue, and a repeat setting with character count between highlighted settings
  • Overused word lists – can be customized by the user

22 Assessments for a paragraph to an article

In fact, the service uses twenty-two English language themes. Explore the main one at the immediate right panel while at the same time viewing counts for each listed point. Toggle at each bullet point to see possible errors, short explanations, and suggestions for further researching. Move from one error to the next is easy within the text using the Next or Previous icon. The proofreading, learning, and developing adventure will be friendly for the user.

In concert a map on the left like a musical composition program shares more. With color paragraphs and sentences, of which when double clicked the cursor appears in the text, shares measures like a musical score. Compare paragraph and sentence lengths with ease as areas requiring attention are highlighted. As can be seen skills better then new knowledge is discovered with valuable keys.

Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.

— Alexander Graham Bell
  1. Overused words – aims the writer while advances purpose for using a thesaurus
  2. Writing style – points out passive or hidden verbs leading toward the goal
  3. Sentence length – provides an average sentence length with variety percentage aiming at readability
  4. Clichés & redundancies – a preventative measure
  5. Grammar – looks at the text for errors with potential misuse
  6. Sticky sentences – shows sentences of complexity that slow reading and a glue word index
  7. Dialogue tags – importance with writer’s voice
  8. Repeat words & phrases – repeating words and phrases within closeness
  9. Corporate wording – suggestions where text is difficult
  10. Diction – reviews while outlines enhancements
  11. Vague & abstract words – see suggestions for revisions
  12. Acronym – reviews for abbreviations pronounced as a word
  13. Transitions – provides what percentage usage assisting determining flow
  14. Complex words – highlights complexity by syllable count for troublesome vocabulary
  15. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) predicates – offers the writer the ability to see how the reader meets learning forming knowledge while tailoring writing targets building rapport

    • Visual - language translates a vision of potential reality, including settings, events, motivation, and dialogue
    • Auditory - Auditory learners must be able to hear what is being said
    • Kinesthetic – carrying out physical activities rather than listening
    • Auditory-Digital - Processing information from his or her senses into language
  16. Homonym – words that sound alike but spelled different are pointed out
  17. Pacing – identifies where reading slows related to paragraphs
  18. House style – the programed pattern profiles. Customize a personalized profile too
  19. Consistency – Noted is this one is a most difficult task, but highlighted are inconsistency in the text
  20. Alliteration – alliterations are mapped seeking impact’s effect
  21. Pronoun – points out pronouns while provides a percentage with a target value
  22. Combo – this perspective provides an overall view of the work with colored highlights, details, explanations, and suggestions

A Glance what's learned exploring discovery

How using this software service is learning

In fact the image above points out through the preceding segment a first draft ready for improvement. Become familiar with each report, colored highlights, and defined lists to see a vibrant vision in a rough draft seeking refinement. Further along shows that one focus will affect another improving development.

A next step is to discover those changes increasing content effectiveness. Selections at the full analysis can be rerun with added changes. As a result steps mix with understanding design importance. In fact patterns discovered by practice develop a personalized method with little effort. Altogether the desired effect achieves delivering meaning centered on reading.

The word processor in this case Microsoft Word with this software is used for assessing creation while creating. Hints are shown showing ease for spelling or English usage corrections. The featured navigation find tool makes finding vocabulary or phrases in the lists easy with the editing tool. Its assessments use the cursor toggled from each point of interest for testing suggestions. This product combines with Word making creation easier seen together as one powerful revision tool.

Also, used with:

  • Google Document (Add-on)
  • WordPress (plug-in)
  • Writemonkey (plug-in)

As a guide each subheading capsule or paragraphs can be organizational for the editor. Important selections used with this essay are style, grammar, sticky sentences, and diction. For the most part those few reports at each interval give basic mechanics.

A stream flows like information being read or heard

Next, design seeking flow and transitions using NLP predicates, pacing, and house style present significant considerations. (Italics indicate measures with 3rd Draft)

  • Sentence length - average 11.5 words - target 11 → 18; variety 5.3 - target over three
  • Transitions – 25.24% (Suggested > 25%)
  • NLP Predicates – Auditory-Digital – 51%, Visual – 43%, Auditory – 6%
  • Pacing – zero paragraphs found for consideration
  • House Style – no issues found

The expected actions with importance will rest on reviewing those assessments help close in on the target. The Combo view highlights focus in the document with various colors showing the user the unfolding vision.

To the left that map, which assists visual perspective like a musical composition, makes a quick scan of organization easy. (Two paragraphs noted lengthy and adjusted) Illustrated at the right panel are suggestions with explanations, which lead to exploration for discoveries. (Highlighted transitions of work show the article pace as sticky sentences are shown) In concert doors to opportunity for improvement are opened furthering better performance.

After adjustments are made the Combo view assessment may be run again as a snapshot like using a wide angle-lens, yet observed closely by the photographer. Highlighted features with various colors show interaction, connections, and elements for language usage with ease. The map can be used seeing the work unfold for the overall streaming discussion. Emphasis of the work changes to mechanics with transitions for the substance. Discoveries lead opportunity in pursuit of the overall effect with perceptions of the reader. Given these points accomplishing delivering the message is made possible.

Combo View with features


Discoveries through learning as testament

In other words before this valuable product with useful services I wrote just with my heart, mind, and without formal editing experience. Scores for Hubs (Online articles) at (HP) suffered. So as a writer for an online writing site I wandered the internet knocking on doors. I discovered and reviewed ProWritingAid for my skill needs and sought learning too.

For one thing HP uses an articulated scoring scale with a Quality Assessment Program (QAP). It is comprised of both bots through algorithms and live experts by a human outsource at Amazon known as MTurk. My results shared there was room for improvement. Those objective and subjective quality assessments rate the composition’s competency.

Directed by a Hub Rating Score Table I realized I lacked ability with many of the outlined guides. There is focus on (1) Substance, (2) Organization, and (3) Grammar & Mechanics. At the time knowing the formats for expose construction with their outlined templates purpose turned to revisions.

So after wandering the internet I looked at my discovery for an editing tool. A quick examination led me to believe it will afford answers for developing new skills. Without delay after trying the Free Trial purchasing an inexpensive yearly subscription plug-in app for Word was a snap. I embarked further upon adventures of explorations and discovery.

Today is an adventure with discovery and learning

Today, using the favorable services I am seeking results with composing. After I reviewed old articles while exploring short exercises I realized I wrote with my familiar thinking. Since a former career was as an auditor, Excel report writer, and data miner as orientation while an enthusiast of performance cars I developed an unfortunate panache.

Straight away awareness pointed to a herky-jerky format like those reports stagnant formulas. Just like getting to the finish line of a drag race each sentence was one stiff launch at the starting line. As a result knowing there must be change I explored using the transition assessment, which was assisted with an online transition word list at Accuracy aimed direction seeking fluid and dynamic.

English language usage was less lacking; although substance needed a tune-up becoming another focus. Feeling I have plenty of ideas plus notions for Hubs I was eager for writing adventures. Now I knew my composing needed to be closer . . . closer to a smooth stream passing along in a rich green meadow painted with a myriad of colorful flowers plus have meaning.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

— Marcel Proust

Better skills through proofreading helps SEO

SEO seeks rich content as a primary consideration since “Content is King” is living. A recent Google algorithm development, Hummingbird, has emphasized more than keywords and other traditional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. Today, stressed is something is interpreted using syntax as if listening. As may be seen developments from their research with audible algorithms and programming may be influential.

Stated at Java world, “Keyword queries are giving way to longer, more sophisticated questions, driven at least in part by voice searches.” Hence attention on transitions, audio & audio-digital learning, and other NLP considerations may be considered. Algorithms are now more complex nearing closer to a higher level of artificial intelligence for assessing.

Provided with this software are powerful benefits for understanding those concepts since bots are used with this programming just like those scrutinizing. Overall the twenty-two separate elements interact and connect with the Combo view seen with those as a snapshot. Join that with the map seen is a vivid landscape. The content can be measured then indexed with language while NLP perceptions come alive.

Knock on more doors for help

Add to that is using a readability program such as That is to say discovering a profile level presents targeting while assists with objectives. The goal, the aim, the target is the content purpose, providing for enhancements, and delivering meaning along a clearer pathway. Suggested for a general audience is an eighth to 12th grade level attentive to a pursued aim. That level can be measured with the free version or low-cost yearly subscription service. As a result any writer receives more opportunity with benefits.

Sample Readability assessment with final draft


Why targeting a specific audience is important

That is most likely considered not only for a general audience with algorithms, yet perhaps specific:

  • Technical How-to
  • Academia essays
  1. Descriptive
  2. Argumentative
  3. Critical
  4. Narrative
  5. Much more
  • Creative adventures
  1. Short story
  2. Fan fiction
  3. Flash Fiction
  4. Humor
  5. Poetry - Homonym, alliteration, and more
  • Business
  • Title specific orientation
  • And, others

Because the key is content with search engines composing well for reader importance is vital. Even though principals, techniques, and application are significant to the title, keywords, anchor text, and long tail phrases, the experience is centric too. Overall ProWritingAid provides for design, improving composition, and delivering a message in partnership with SEO principals and techniques.

What are the results? Snapshot views of step-by-step progress

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Thoughts of this experience

Overall using this plug-in editor is positive and important as a learning tool. Straightforward the images at each edited draft shows progress occurred. In other words the full draft began with 195 issues while the final version ended with one hundred three while the essay size changed. As result active steps brought powerful changes.

Accordingly observations and adjustments are made along the way creating effectiveness. With time practicing gaining greater ability proofreading, assessing, and making changes became easier each time. Even though pointed out are weaknesses, the program provides understanding. For this reason is a queue for “More about this report” to their website with easy understood explanations.

At the Table below seen are the greatest points for interest for the final draft. Below are causes for bullet highlights with higher counts:

  • Writing style – Links inserted for publishing beginning with http: are repeated and added transitions increase count
  • Grammar – English usage with leading prepositions creating transitions for flow seen as compromise, unusual spellings such as MTurk, http, and Neuro, and errors at footnotes for publishing
  • Vague & Abstract – the simile like is used eleven times, perhaps is two, and others with one such as community
  • Acronym – NLP, HP, SEO & QAP
  • Consistency – capitalization usage seen with titles and proper words repeated contrast common spelling

As can be seen accounting for those differences seen with the ProWritingAid assessment there is a positive impact with this event. In summary focusing on effectiveness, the audience experience, and the message is the goal. Success is enhanced while enjoyment increases with new journeys writing.

Step-by-Step crossing the bridge from writer to audience

1st Segment
1st Draft
2nd Draft
3rd Draft
Final Draft
Word Count (Includes article queues)
Overused words
Writing style
Sentence length
Cliches & redundecies
Sticky Sentence
Dialogue tags
Repeat words & phrases
Corporate wording
Vague & Abstract words
Complex words
NLP predicates
House style
Combo check
W/O Combo Check

Reader thoughts on an editing service

Would you consider a software program, online service, or one-on-one editor?

See results

© 2016 Tim Mitchell


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