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Relationship Problems? 5 Books That Can Help You Find The Love Of Your Life!

Updated on December 22, 2013


Set them aside, just for a little while.

If you REALLY are interested, that is, in finding your true love.

Because books like that can lower your frequency. You're an energetic being, and unfortunately most of the modern romance stuff- whether we read it or watch it on TV or at the movies, or listen to music about it, actually brings our vibration down.

And the lower your vibration, the less pleased you're going to be with what you bring into your life.

See, the idea we have about love and relationships is one we get from the media. But the media is not designed to serve US. We are supposed to serve IT by being CONSUMERS.

Not only does what they put out NOT improve the quality of our lives- , too much of it can even mess up the neurons in our brains!

Maybe that's why we have such strange ideas about love and relationships:

Just look around. Do you see any of your friends dating billionaires?

Do they look like movie stars?

And how's that sex thing working out- you know, the part where, like the movie stars and musicians you run around having serial sex?

It turns out ok in the music, movies and the books! in fact it looks like alot of fun!

But it isn't, is it.

So, are you ready to get real?

Then turn off the TV, and the radio too- set aside your Harlequin novels and even the tabloids, for one month.

if that's more than you can bear, just take one night a week and do a different kind of reading.

So you can come to realize that you are a powerful being, one that can create the relationship you desire.

The 5 books discussed in this lens will show you how that works. Actually even one of them could be a magnificent start to a whole new life.

You could learn how to change the future.

Because we need our mate. Really.

The whole universe is predicated on the balance between a male and a female.

So Here They Are - your directories for a new life

Of course these books don't work on the shelf.

  1. I Deserve Love, by Sondra Ray
  2. The Success Codes, by Dr. Alex Loyd
  3. The Genie In Your Genes, by Dawson Church, PHD
  4. The Biology Of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton
  5. The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson

I Deserve Love - by Sondra Ray

Not sure where you are with this energy stuff, but, bottom line, if you have no idea of energy, vibration, or affirmations, this book could change your life.

It did mine.

Back in the 70s I came home from work one day to discover that my husband had moved out. I had no idea that he'd been unhappy, and was devastated.

At that time, I taught high school and although my students didn't know WHAT had happened, they knew SOMETHING had, because the weight was pouring off me and i looked like I'd been hit by a truck.

(actually, i wish they would market a pill that takes the weight off like a heartbreak does- what a wonderful thing that could be)

Anyway, a student gave me the book 'I Deserve Love". She said she had purchased it but that it was "weird" and she didn't want her parents to see it laying around.

It was about affirmations, and yes, back in the 70s that was weird.

Affirmations aren't going to be your ONLY answer, of course, because we are complicated energetic beings. But reading this book and starting with simple affirmations can be a major step towards the realization of your power.

it's an old book, but a classic.

The Healing Codes - by Dr. Alex loyd

The Healing Codes teaches that you can create success in any area of life you desire.

So, if you're ready for a relationship miracle, this could be the book for you.

You're going to learn that there are three things that have kept you from creating the relationship you desire-stress, energy, and cellular memory.

As far as 'stress" is concerned, we're not talking about the stress you're aware of. Instead,,this is about stress that has been stored in your body over a lifetime.

Energy, of course, is what you are. It's a fact of physics. Everything vibrates at a unique frequency, even your emotions. When the fear or belief that you can't find the right relationship resonates in you, it causes you to fail repeatedly. Energy is what connects stress to cellular memory

Cellular memory is the REAL FRONTIER. Stay with me on this, please. Remember, eveyrthing is vibration. Well, everything that has ever happened to you, since your conception, is stored energetically in your cells. Then, if that's not bad enough, everything that ever happened to ALL YOUR ANCESTORS is also in your cells.

Stored in your DNA, to be specific.

If alot of disturbing things have happened to you or your ancestors- say everybody got divorced, or the marriages were predominantly unhappy- that's all up in your stuff. it causes you to vibrate with it, which means you then unconsciously attract the same kind of people who caused your ancestors misery into YOUR life too!


The Healing Codes is going to, first, explain this, and then show you how to clear it.


The Biology Of Belief - by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D

Ok, I love this guy. I think you will too, if you start to follow his work.

Dr. Lipton just about got kicked out of his field for what he discovered in the field of cellular biology. What he said was that even though we were loaded up with negative cellular information, i.e. our heredity, that it wasn't the heredity that determined our life. it was our environment.

In other words, picture your DNA with a bunch of codes, in the form of switches. We all have trillions of codes, i.e. switches, on our DNA. What activates it is the environment we're in. And one major component of our environment is our beliefs.

Dr. Lipton said that if you can heal your beliefs, on an unconscious level, you can even heal genetic disease.

The Genie In Your Genes - by Dawson Church, Ph.D

This author explains WHY your mind and behavior has such a powerul control over what you create- relationship or otherwise.

Because he's a scientist, he gives PROOF. Many need that, before they will even give energy work a try.

This book is loaded with scientiic studies and shows you how to take control of your life. He teaches that you can raise your level of vitality and happiness.

One interesting thing is that is he is a big proponent of EFT- sometimes called "tapping"

He says the reason it works so well is that our connective tissue is the same thing as quartz crystal! (well, i may be simplifying but then i'm no scientist)

For that reason, when you tap along your energy centers and make affirmations, the information runs through your body!

This is the book that pulls it all together-science, genetics, electromagnetism, medicine, and yes, relationships.

Here's An Example Of EFT - strange stuff, but it works! follow along and see what happens!

And there are tons of examples of "Tapping" on!

The Emotion Code - by Dr. Bradley Nelson

This book really explains how the subconscious mind works.

And we need to know, because 99.9% of our reality is created by the subconscious mind.

Here's an example. Say you had a devastating relationship, filled with pain, or humiliation. All of that is now loaded onto your own DNA. It creates emotions that could be beneath the level of your awareness. Yet, even though you don't know anything about it, these emotions have set up a vibration, or resonance, that sends out a big beaming signal for more of the same!

So you keep attracting more heartbreak. You can't figure out what you're doing wrong.

Ever seen anything like that?


One Last Thing

Give thanks for the heartbreaks

From them, you develop an awareness.

You can choose to drop some baggage, so you can get on the express train.

Nothing will be impossible.

Happy reading! And my blog is below, please let me know how you're doing!

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