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Step and believe you are through

Updated on June 25, 2014
My drawing "Beautiful eyes".
My drawing "Beautiful eyes". | Source

My darling who is dear with love,

Only a cheerful time can make you light-hearted to find me.

Will you ever live a heroic moment to remember me?

I do not want your time to be full without me.

I feel a strong nap inside my heart that is trying to call you.

I have dipped my soul in a good energy.

I have summoned all that I can say to you.

I continue to say:

“My love has not lost you”.

I feel good to have known you.

I should feel fit to wait.

I should try to comfort you.

No bliss should step away from you.

No love should be medium of its grace upon you.

Copyright© Shamela 31/ July / 2012


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