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Summer Horror stories that still give me jitters

Updated on July 8, 2013

Summer Horror Stories that still Give me Jitters

One fateful day during our senior high school days ,a visit to the farm house of my high school sweet heart turned awry. Instead of the fun it was supposed to be ,it turned out to be one of the blackest day of my teenage years. Apart from breaking the trust my parents reposed on me , i was left with the bloodied image of my schoolmates permanently ingrained in my memory. This is a story of blood and broken trust, all in a space of twenty - four hours.

Unforgatable memory
Unforgatable memory

Summer Horror Stories that Still Give Me Jitters

Unforgetable Summer Horror Stories

One fateful summer holiday during my teenage years, i spurned my parents a lie that i was going on a youth camp in a nearby county. Unbeknown to them i traveled thousands of kilometers away to the farm house of my high school sweet heart whose parents traveled out on holiday.Lady T was beautiful and easily the most pretty girl in our year . More than once i had to endure beatings from bullies because of her affection for me.

I have hardly settled down in her little room inside the farm house when i heard commotion outside .Looking out i saw the school bully Big- shit with about four of his friend's running straight to the room from the gate. They were armed to the teeth with all kinds of dangerous objects and judging from the looks on their faces they were not coming to give me a hug . It had been rumored that lady T also dates Big-shit. Big shit was our school bully and together with his friends ,they understand the word "high" in high school differently. Now, this guy was highly obese caused mainly by overindulgence because it was widely known that he likes food more than anything.

As they approached the room i had to escape through a little window and a hot foot chase ensured through the nearby woods . This continued until we crossed a river infested with crocodiles . All five us crossed the river in peace until Big-shit wanted to waddle across. As if the crocodile was waiting for the juiciest meat ,it pounced on Big-shit and right in our presence what used to be his face became a mass of blood and bones.

We where shocked down to our teenage bones and marrows.Moreover, with a fifty percent rise in blood pressure ,we realized that our friend was no more. My pursuers,at-least what was left of them quickly became friends with me . Since what ever they where high on had evaporated, we all started weeping and consoling one another .

As we were driving home in Big-shits car crying profusely, all our teenage bravado gone to the wind. A drunk driver cut in from no where and smashed into our car . I woke up in the hospital after three days of coma only to be told that all my friends died in the accident . Five young guys cut down in a space of twenty four hours.This was more than too much for me to bear .It took me close to four months and a lot of visits to therapist before i became normal. The trust my parents reposed on me was broken never to be repaired again. As for lady T ,that was the last time anyone heard of her.


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