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The Bibliophile's assistant

Updated on December 7, 2014
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I've always wanted to be a writer in some fashion and now I am... be it blogging, hubs or writing a couple of story or poems for fun

Flag a page

Flagging a page I don't mean as in the blocking sort of way I mean those post-it tabs for marking a part of a book.

This I hope has the supplies any of you (physical) book readers would enjoy, as There may be some I have and others I drool over! Help to personalize your library, repair help, what to me is the PERFECT reading light as well as a stand.

The to read & already Read list - Journals Made specifically for us!

Everyone has their own to keep track of what they have read or want to. I have a file of what I have, & then for those that I want to.. well sadly there's 'to read' lists floating around eveywhere! In old planners, on scrap pieces of paper in a mini notebook I carry with me even a couple I have noted on my phone's notes. Oh yeah & let's not forget the ones that I take a quick picture of with my camera as it's jsut faster than jotting it down!

I even finally got my mother to at least use a journal I gave her to write down what she's read as there have been a couple she couldn't remember if she did or not.

Books I've Read: Books I want to read Keep track of what books you read and write them down, also there's a spot for ones you want to read

I need one of these for any time I walk into Barnes & Nobles, or friends tell me about a book.

Oh to be a vampire (yeah 2 reasons I'd want to be one... so I can read every book I may ever want & to Fly (well once I'm old enough as its a practiced skill)

Recommend a book

Book Recommendation card
Book Recommendation card

A Few More Things to Include in Your Recommendation

Book Recommendation back
Book Recommendation back
Celtic i-Clips Magnetic Bookmarks
Celtic i-Clips Magnetic Bookmarks

These are my absolute favorite kind of book marks. First off, unlike some that claim they are 'agnetic' book marks but are mostly thin cardboard with 2 small magnets on them these are FULL on all magnet so they won't wear out as fast as the others if at all!

They are small, but you can mark the line as well as page you are on. They & don't fall out like other book marks.

Plus 8 come on a card so you can have back ups or read a few books at once!~


Books falling apart? - Book Repair & other Care for your books

Also check the Featured lenses for a quickie guide (& some videos on them) of how to fix your books (as long as they are NOT antiques)

Library Book Repair products at your fingertips

More library Grade book repair supplies

Get that Musty smell out

have they be in the garage, basement, or attic? Maybe you purchased them at a Thrift store, Fleamarket, Book or garage sale whatever the reason is this is how you can fix it!

paper is made of celluloce which absorbs moisture. The pages dry as slow as molassis in the winter, so you end up with alot of moisture and maybe a bit of mold.

Items you will need: Fan or Air Conditioner , Box of Arm & Hammer Baking soda, & 1 plastic storage container.

1. Stand the book up so the pages fan out in front of a fan or air conditioner. (for 2 to 3 days)

2. Store the book(s) inside a closed plastic container with an OPEN box of Baking Soda until the msuiness clears.

If its winter time... do the same as #1 but put it on a radiator (if your radiators do not have covers, use a piece of cardboard to balance it on, but have the pages partly over the cardboard. (be sure its not steam heat!)

If you put a paperback on in the morning it should be ok by evening then jsut put it in the container with the backing soda for a night or 2. Once dry go to number 2.

This may take up to a week for hardcovers because of the thick covers retain the moisture.

Do you know all the parts of a book?

Parts of a book
Parts of a book

Personalize your Library

Even if you do not lend your books out... a nice library usually has books with some book plates in them.

Knock Knock sells a personal Library (please use these especially if you lend your books out & want them back!)

There's also stamps or embossers you can order.

There's actually a mini library kit! With the pocket & card! I love the mini one. adult or child it's cute and even better, a great Idea for non-personal journals! for instance for stories you've written, or those you want a collection of friends art and writing.

Book Darts are a good idea to keep your place on your favorite paragraph, or certain areas you want to go over with a class and so on.

Recommendation cards are good to include in a book if you finish it and don't want to carry with you, or you are giving it to a friend. you will find them here as a free printable

Book repair we all have at least one book in print that we either re-read or refer to so often that the spine is broken, or pages are falling out, or maybe a few are just a little ripped. Learn how to fix them the right way!

For book repair there's special glue ... PH Neutral PVA Adhesive Tape

(look for Scotch book tape) as well as having a bone folder is a good idea especially if you have to glue pages back in.

find these other items here

Bibliophile supplies list via Widgets

Some freebies

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Book PlateI love these!! they are great for students or just the casual reader. keep notes & moreLibrary check out Only read a few books a year? Then use something like this instead of due date & Issued change that to Title & Author
Book Plate
Book Plate
I love these!! they are great for students or just the casual reader. keep notes & more
I love these!! they are great for students or just the casual reader. keep notes & more
Library check out Only read a few books a year? Then use something like this instead of due date & Issued change that to Title & Author
Library check out Only read a few books a year? Then use something like this instead of due date & Issued change that to Title & Author

Checking out.....of the library - a Guestbook

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