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truth inside you

Updated on December 23, 2009
Picture by: Swimmerachel
Picture by: Swimmerachel


If you only knew “… perchance to dream”

Sometimes reality is not what it seems

You breathe, sleep, work, and ache

More often then not wonder what action to take


Heart numb to your surroundings

Eyes sad and pleading

Did he catch your glance subtleties are missed

Moments alone longing for just a simple kiss


Dreams fill your mind what could be what would be

Thinking of your reality - is this what should be

Confusion and heartache bring you to your knees

This can’t be all there is I have to believe


Your smile inspiring full of happiness and desire

Yet when I hear your words no hope no fire

Oh if I could fill your void and bring a smile to your face

But this time is not mine, it is not my place


Dreams of a different future imaginations swell

Looking for an escape bring me out of this hell

Conflicting emotions both deep and true

One can not go back so look for the truth in you


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    • Sage Williams profile image

      Sage Williams 7 years ago

      Love this poem, the truth shall set you free!