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Inspired by a Low Budget Movie

Updated on November 28, 2011

Same old story

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived an easy life style.

Lovely bed room with pinky decoration, fancy red car at the garage, big wardrobe full of clothes for every occasion, ,

credit cards in her wallet and she had here sweet friends were they lived happily ever after doing shopping every day ….but not till ever after because her dad had lost it all ,

so everything changed in her life even her friends turned against her, she is un happy and confused she is not used to all of this and decided to act more responsible

and finally she became a better person , then her dad have everything back but by then she wasn’t the same any more…end of the story

I’ve seen many many movies with this same story and each time I see those movies, all I get from it was;

“money spoils people and taking the money away make them better"

Except my complicated nature wouldn’t let me see it that simple, seeing the movie in another perspective would make more sense to me… so I’ve cleared my mind and by removing the envy of her life style that was deep deep inside helped as well,

I’ve looked at the story again....Nothing is really bad in having easy life style and be spoiled we all do wish for that… then what would be the message hmmmm ?

There must be something else...

Well she was fine and happy with her life while everything going well why she would change her life…

everything is going perfect and she’s happy, then comes the twist “turning point”

her dad lost all of his money so everything changed and she is out of her comfort zone , we found her upset for couple of days and then she adapted to her new situation,

also in those movies they always end up to became a better person….So that’s it the meaning of the movie.

“when things change people changes to be better”

But when you put that in the real life I found that not every turning point change you to be better,

especially if this turning point wasn’t “ your rich far relative died and he left everything for you”

or “while you were looking for something in your grand pa wardrobe you found the map of the lost treasure”…

There is good turning points wich happens in life, also hurtful bad turning points too like” losing your home, job or even losing some one you love”

When people go through a major change in there life it force them to change, but it’s up to you to turn your change to be better or worse,

for the movie story the lead character had one of those turning points but she looked to the bright side and changed to be better and I think it must be like that because...

it will not be a very successful movie if you made the lead character fall in depression and become a junky or a whore ..that really will be very depressing,

so why not to be inspired with the lead character even if it is” a low budget movie” why not when everything go wrong I still look to the bright side.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Looking at the bright side, you will see that change doesn’t always have to be terrible.

it’s up to us to make this change to our favor, it may lead us to other opportunities we weren’t aware off … I believe that we just want to see what we really want to see.

Being open to new ideas and being inspired by little things will not hurt, forgive and accept your self …we all do mistakes, why not learning to adapt as she did?

“What didn’t kill you make you stronger”

When everything goes wrong we should see it as a learning process, because it is a part of our life experience. Just live the moment and see the beauty in everything and if there will be one of those awful turning points look to the bright side

Life isn’t easy but surely worth living.


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    • sam-eg profile image

      sam-eg 6 years ago from Happy Land

      Thx for your nice comment RealHousewife :)

    • RealHousewife profile image

      Kelly Umphenour 6 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      nice message Sam-eg:)

    • sam-eg profile image

      sam-eg 6 years ago from Happy Land

      Hi samtenabray,Thx for your lovely comment..glad that you enjoyed it :)

    • samtenabray profile image

      samtenabray 6 years ago from uk

      This is a great hub I really enjoyed readying it:)You are a talented writer.

    • sam-eg profile image

      sam-eg 6 years ago from Happy Land

      Hi epigramman, Great writer and commenter what else you can do??, you had raised my happiness up to the roof by your comment :) ,thx for sharing your amazing thoughts and adding to your FB

    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 6 years ago

      ...well life is surely worth living when you read great writing like this - and it will certainly be worth my while to post this profound and soulful message of hope to my Facebook page with a direct link back here.

      lake erie time ontario canada 11:22am

    • sam-eg profile image

      sam-eg 6 years ago from Happy Land

      thx for your postive comments :)

    • profile image

      Petrules 6 years ago

      Well done nice hup

    • profile image

      Cane 6 years ago

      it's great how you get all the links togthere and end up with something inspiring, i've enjoyed it