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Two-faced Tree

Updated on September 1, 2013

Two-Faced Tree

 by A. Gagliardi

In my yard stands the two-faced tree
Neither one looks at me
For nobody i am
And no one they see.

In my yard stand twin pine trees
Neither of which i own
For nobody i am
And they no one owns.

In my yard stands a lone bonsai
With branches shorn and tied
Which claims no greater need
Than to see and be seen by me.

two-faced tree

Here is an image of one two-faced tree. I wonder if there are more of them out there.
Here is an image of one two-faced tree. I wonder if there are more of them out there.


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    • agaglia profile image

      agaglia 6 years ago

      hi azure_sky

      thanks for your comment. I thought it had some humor, two. unfortunately, one of the faces fell off completely and a squirrel sat on the eye of the second face. Now, it is just a mouth and an eye. I am planning to replenish the faces.

    • azure_sky profile image

      azure_sky 6 years ago from Somewhere on the Beach, if I am lucky :)

      Love the poem and your two-faced tree agaglia!!! Too funny:) Thanks for the smiles it brought to me!!

    • agaglia profile image

      agaglia 8 years ago

      I can do that. How's this? I am currently looking for a third face, at which time, the symetry will be lost, but people will be able to see a face from all directions.

    • Hilly Chism profile image

      Hilly Chism 8 years ago from Holland

      bravo, I like it, how about a bigger version of the picture?