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Zombie Killing at It's Best

Updated on August 30, 2017

Look Out for Zombies

Zombies are fun to watch on TV. They stalk the living as they walk with the single purpose: brains. They want brains the most.

As of late, the zombies want to bite into humans and eat them. Gone are the day when a zombie only wants brains. They walk, run and some talk. I don't understand how a zombie can talk.

However, zombies have been a stable in horror entertainment.

The best way to stay away from a zombie is to move away. If you are not their for a zombie to bite you will be alive.

Zombies live to bite. However, a single zombie can be dealt with quickly. One zombie kill at-a-time when the break out first starts will win this break-out.

Remember, the head shot is the best way to kill a zombie. Mostly likely, the zombie will attack on ground without a gun.

Include everyone in your zombie hunting group. One zombie kill is still a zombie kill. If they are infected or think they are they can stay in a comfy tent that can be known about at the very least. Odds are the bite might be infectious but they could still kill several zombies before the person dies.

After, reading this type of book you can ask questions about the hero. I would want to know how to write my own adventure.

Dress as a horror character. Make you own or rent a costume for Halloween.

Also, there is a zombie run. Watch for you own run for you lives 5K. Why not think of some way to lose weigh. 14 years old to enter race.

There are even zombie walks in some areas during the fall session.

This article has a large section for, The Walking Dead.

drawing: DChance.

Photo taken of Governor from
Photo taken of Governor from


The Dead Walk: The Walking Dead Comic by Robert Kirkman

For more information about this series click here for my heroes of The Walking Dead page.

They could already be here. Look under your bed? Is one there? No? You are safe ... for now.

The dead walk on AMC. If you are like me you watch, "The Walking Dead." Every Sunday, I watch the newest episode. On the off-seasons I think about what is coming up next. The series is on its 3rd season.

Bio Governor:

This season has the Governor in it. However, he is not the evil scum of the Earth as he is in the comic book. If you read the comic book ... you already know what I mean. I try to understand why that man is so bad this season.

The Governor in the comic book:

He is the governor of a town called Woodbury, Georgia. In that town there are several people live. It is not known when he was voted Governor of that city. He is found buy a small group of Rick's group in his town. He is evil because he is feeding the zombies the living. Only three people find the town. Rick Glenn and Michonne. Spoiler: Rick gets his hand chopped off. Glenn gets captured, and poor Michonne gets her private areas violated. Plus, the Governor does not know about the location of the prison.

He also has fights with Zombies in them where the humans are feed to the zombies as sport. The winner ... Zombie.

Very Huge Spoiler for comic book: Click here!

Woodbury contains the largest group of survives anyone in the comic book has seen, so far. This posses the question. How many other Governor like characters are out there in the world hording people?

The Governor in the tv series:

He is the governor of a town called Woodbury, Georgia. In that town there are several people live. The people are seen as very happy. Not only is the Governor there but Merle is there. He is first found by Andra and Michonne. They are taken in right away. They are treated nicely but Michonne suspects that there is something wrong with the Governor. The only thing that Michonne finds wrong is a list of people turned zombies. One is the Governors daughter. Then, there is not much of a list.

The Governor then lets them leave but Andrea does not leave. However, Michonne leaves and the Govener sends Merle to kill Michonne. So far, the Governor has not touched Michonne's special place. However, he keeps sleeping with Andra.

The strange thing is that he collects food, vehicles, and other goods from the living then kills the people after they have given him the information. Then, one of their heads is cut off and put in a fish tank. No one in Woodbury is subject to this treatment.

He also has fights with Zombies in them where the humans always win. The winner ... Merle or some other fighter.

Watch Trailer for Third Season: Here

If this guy ever offered you candy odds are the candy would be alright but you would have to ask yourself what he wants from you, later. This is the type of physiological villain that lets you think he is nice then he slowly lets you in on his plan. Also, he does not understand if everyone is not on his side. Everyone is a potential minion or a dead man or woman.

The Walking Dead - The Govenor

This villain has many minions that don't even know he is a villain.

Evil Villains Unite - The Govener VS. Other Evil Villains

"Do you expect me to talk? " James Bood

"No, Mr Bond. I expect you to die!" Goldfinger

This line in the James Bond film, Goldfinger, was so memorable I remember to this day. But does he match up the Governor. Would the Governor kill people with a laser to the private area? The answer I believe is would it entertain the crowd at Woodsbury. I believe that this would have to take a while to convince the citizens that this is the right way to kill people.

This is a scary way to die even for a zombie but maybe the Govener and Merle could set back eating popcorn while they watch the show. Oh look, a laser.

Favorite Villain- There are many to choice from in this poll. I will put the leaders of the poll up in the description section.

See results

Season 3 Poll

Have you seen season 3?

See results

Board Game

Still, want to get hooked on the horror genre? There is also a board game out about the Walking Dead.

The game consists of a square path on the with a cross roads in the middle. The object of the game is to touch all the corners to get 4 cards then return to the center. There are more cards given to time the characters move. If you roll a 5 or 6 you get to keep your weapon against the zombies.

Everyone gets some cards to play the game from the beginning to use against the cards that are drown from the zombies pile. Some of the cards have scenes on them that were cut from the series.

You get 16 ally pieces to play with but you only get to play as: Rick, Shane, Dale, Glenn, Lori, and Andrea. Each character has special abilities that can only be used once.

Warning: The directions take a long time to read. Take a day to read the directions.

This game does cost over 30 dollars for shipping so make sure you are a fan before trying this one out.

If Rick Had Superpowers

Which super power do you think the writer's have given to Rick?

See results
Shane- click on link to photo's home
Shane- click on link to photo's home

Season Two: The Walking Dead

Villain: Shane


Shane was Rick's deputy when they where both worked for the police department as officers. Shane checked up on Rick when Rick was in a coma until the zombie took over the hospital. Then, he was unable to return and fled the town with Lori and Carl along with a group of survives.

Shane's love for both Lori and Rick created an odd love triangle. He seems to be struggling with the fact that he still loves Lori after Rick comes back into the group. Despite his displeasure that Lori does not choice him over Rick ... Shane tries to move on with another character.

I saw his sleeping with another character an act of rebellion which lead him into thinking that he really was in love with Lori. It is not said if Lori loved him at this point or was only staying with her husband because of the son they had together. However, it was unknown who's child Lori was carrying in this season.

Once, Shane hears that Lori is pregnant ... he wants to keep her and to raise Rick's son as his own. Rick would need to die for this to happen.

On a side note, he wants to do what is right for the group. It is unclear if he really wants to leave the group or entertaining the possibility of him not being with the group any longer.


Shane only makes love to Lori a small number of times maybe even one time. A relationship forms in a very small amount of time. Apparently, he developed a crush on Lori before the zombies came to walk the Earth.

He also, believes that the military will save them all.

He does care about Rick but he wants to be the leader of the group which he had been before Rick takes control of the Atlanta group of survives. He leads Rick out into the forest to shot him but ... he shot by Carl for trying to shot Rick in the head before the group finds the farm house where everyone stayed in season two of the series.

What makes him a villain?

He tried to kill his best friend. Also, he still tries to have a relationship with a Rick's wife even after Rick is alive.

Why is Lori not at fault for the relationship with Shane?

Rick had been in a coma. There were no nurses to keep Rick alive even if he was only ill. He could have died of starvation alone. Also, the Atlanta Survivors would not have survived if they had to break into the hospital to get Rick out. Rick is lucky to be alive.

Lori could not have known that Rick would get out of the hospital.

- Lori had to think about the safety of the group and her son.

- Going back for Rick may have left Carl without a mother.

- Zombies seem to know where humans are located if the zombie is close.

- She thought Rick was dead.

Season Two Trailor for The Walking Dead

This trailer shows pieces of the season two. It may not be suitable for younger audiences.

Shane: Once a Hero

Shane is the type of character that wants to be the hero but Rick gets in the way. He use to be good but his realization of his love for Lori has driven him to want to keep that love. He feels alone in a world which offers him little hope against the zombie hordes.

Which once hero or once good character do you like better?

See results

The Governor vs. Shane

What if Shane would have serviced the second season? He would still be angry about the past but time has passed between the members of the group.

Instead of trying to kill Rick he focuses on helping the group kill the Governor.

Who would win between a fight between Shane and the Governor?

Season 2 Poll question

Have you seen the second season?

See results

If Shane Had Super Powers

Which super power do you think the writers gave Shane?

See results

Season One - Villains

The zombies are the real enemies in the first season. Although, Merl is introduced as a black person hater. I believe that Merle although raciest has been that way for awhile. It is doubtful that he would have changed if the zombies didn't start eating people.

He is seen again in the third season somewhat changed from the season one Merl. He has been reading more. Merl has also had time to read some scripture. The question still remains is that has he changed?

T-Dog kept quite in the group. He could have spoken up when times were tough. However, this man let others lead him. This would be great in a regular situation but his life is on the line. Speak up! How experienced are the leaders of the group at that time? I know they had never been though a zombie apocalypse before that point.

Lori should have been focusing on the group and not on what happened with Shane. People could be dying. This is not the perfect time to smell spring fresh or play house wife.

Rick for trying to lead the group. He does not know anything about the group but he pushes his way of thinking onto the entire group.

Shane for not giving up the past. Also, he tried to have sex with Lori, again.

-Video not suitable for young viewers.-

The Walking Dead Season One Poll

Have you seen season one of, The Walking Dead?

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If Lori Had Super Powers

Which super power do you think that the writers gave Lori?

See results

Great Stuff on Amazon

The first 2 seasons of The Walking Dead are available to buy.

The comic books are available up to #108.

The Walking Dead: Season 1
The Walking Dead: Season 1
Rick is on a mission to find and save his loved ones. Join him in this adventure full of drama and ZOMBIES.
The Walking Dead, Vol. 1: Days Gone Bye
The Walking Dead, Vol. 1: Days Gone Bye
This is an introduction to the comic of The Walking Dead. Warning: The comic book will have much more adult situations.

Walking Dead Game for XBOX 360

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

Daryl Dixon and his brother Merle are in this game maneuvering around Georgia. (More Daryl than Merle)Your goal Atlanta. There are Walking Dead everywhere.

I am guessing this game takes place before the show as the other characters are not included in this game that I know about, anyway.

The zombies are increasingly good at finding human victims, so I would expect a lot of deaths. This may be a hiding game where you stay away from zombies. I don't know how good Daryl and his brother were at killing zombies before they met the group of Atlanta Survivors.

This looks like a rushed game. Not much to the story.

However, if you like zombies that respawn after you kill them. This is the game for you.

Maybe, you will find a used copy of the game.

There is only one reason that a game like this one would be rushed. Character death in a season. I didn't put this down because it seemed very possible that Merle would run away. But, I don't care about that. I want to play a great game not a rushed game.

Old Walking Dead Game

The Walking Dead

This one is avalible on X-Box 360. You can buy the entire game or pay 400 per episode of the game. There are 5 episodes.

In this game, you try to help survivors by choosing what each action you will take in this situation. You latterly are given a list of what the character is to do. The character does what you tell them to do. What you tell them to do determines what is done in the rest of the game.

from a Resident Evil Movie Cover
from a Resident Evil Movie Cover

Resident Evil

The game spawned several movies with the character named Alice. The first movie, finds Alice to awake with no memories of her location. Ok. This sounds cheesy but it is not a cheesy movie. Yes, there is a giant mutated bunny but it is an awesome killer rabbit. So, the pet population in this movie can get the T-Virus.

So, you must be saying to yourself. T-Virus? Mutated Bunny? Can't they think of anything original or longer then a simple T for the virus? You would be right. A bunny has been used in Donny Darko but it was not as cool as this giant bunny. Also, the name of the creatures of the virus is The Umbrella Corporation. The Umbrella Corporation in the movie makes the zombies virus. The Umbrella Corporation in real-life is a place to get medical supplies and I think it makes medical experiments too but not the zombie virus.

Some people do still call the place to prank call them or to find out about the zombies. Funny. I would not advice doing that at all.

The games are all first person RPG game that leads someone though a mansion, train station, or outside area. You will pick up items as you go! Zombies will be walking down hallways and they will kill you if you do not have a weapon. Read some walk-throughs to get the best weapons or you will miss weapons the first time around playing the game. Unless, you like to die all the time. I don't!

Resident Evil Trilogy 1-3
Resident Evil Trilogy 1-3
Resident Evil/ Resident Evil: Apocalypse / Resident Evil: Extenction

What are your favorite zombie or horror activities?


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