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Beds Beds Beds

Updated on August 16, 2013

Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Here are three easy tips for cleaning your hardwood floors in pets-friendly apartments in Midtown Atlanta. Start by moving chairs or any item that might make the floor inaccessible. Hardwood floors are naturally beautiful and if you work with the way the lines in the wood flow the floors are easy to clean. Next use a duster to rid the floor of any debris. Hardwood floors in pets-friendly Midtown Atlanta may have hair or dirt tracked in by pets, so you want to make sure you get rid of it.

Certainly, trash is never a good thing to clean over. Now, take a damp mop and go over the floor to clear the floor of ingrained dirt. Murphy’s oil soap is a good cleanser but some people prefer vinegar which is a natural cleaner. Finally buff your floors dry with a soft dry cloth. The buffers you use to wax your car work great but a baby diaper will work fine. Another tip, use furniture leg pads to avoid scratching those beautiful pet-friendly apartments in Midtown Atlanta floors.


Alternative Bedding

Decorate your home with beds and bedding that is simple. A hammock is not your conventional bed but can be a life saver in when guest pop up unexpected, or for a fun sleepover. Inflatable beds are very popular and are far more comfortable than sleeping on the floor. Cots are also popular options for sleeping. They are very up to date and easy to store. Many people use these for camping trips. Last but not least the sleeping bag is always an option for not so conventional bedding.

Pillow accents


There are many things to decorate your home with. Accent pillows are the easiest, and some of the least expensive items to work with. When picking accent pillows you will find the selection is so wide, beautiful colors in gold’s, greens and blues. Some pillows are designed in tapestry materials or soft breathing cottons. Theses pillows are made to match any room’s décor. Accent pillows are made of all types of material including fur, bring out your most interesting mood with unique accent pillows. Place lovely accent pillows around your residence anywhere, you can even use pillows to sit on the floor, so comfortable for watching television. 

Accent pillows can be created in shapes that are funny or just your usual square; the roll throws for the bed are very nice. The larger your accent pillows are the better; these pillows really bring out the color in a room. You can use pillows where you like. The tents of Sheiks were filled with beautiful tapestries pillows, a great thought for decorating your rooms. The more expensive pillows are designed with delicate carefully designed embroidery creating a spectacular look. Whether you enjoy fancy or simple your home will feel and look wonderful with the use of accent pillows.


Extra space is hard to find when you have a growing family. Bunk beds with futon helps to increase the usage of space in your home. You get the benefit of two beds during sleeping hours and a small seating area for other times. The rest of the space in the room can go for other jobs. The Barwick Twin Overton Bunk Bed selling for $369 is very nice the Cinnamon Futon selling for $819, and the Columbia Twin Over Futon selling for $674. These beds are of different wood color and design and work very well in a child’s room. The bedroom is no longer just a place to sleep, it is a place to play, entertain friends and do office work. The bed room is a complete living area and the Futon bed extends that idea.

Sharing a room is a lot easier when there is room to move around. The Powell Furniture Textured Twin Over Futon metal Bunk Bed offers space, comfort and a sitting area in their bunk bed the frame is made of steel and colored in matte black. This bed sells for $572. If bought online the bed can usually be shipped within two days. The sturdy Ameriwood Futon Bunk Bed retails for $197 at online stores. This bed is a great bed for the young ones, comfortable sleeping arrangements and space left in the room for desk, books, and games. The frame is chair like design giving the bed an extraordinarily modern look.

 Hillsdale furniture has a beautiful contemporary Universal Youth Futon Bunk Bed for your child’s room. This youth bed is $549 but sells for as much as $625; the bed is well built and can be used for years as extra sleeping space. The Futon Bunk Bed is designed for the life styles of today’s busy families, and considers the need for extra living space. With these great beds your children can share the companionship only sharing a room can bring while having the independence of their personal space.  


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