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10 Creative Uses For Chalkboard Art In Your Home

Updated on May 25, 2014

We certainly remember the classic chalkboard from our school days however the classic chalkboard has found its way into the contemporary home giving a hint of vintage style, nostalgia and creativity to the living space.


1. Grocery List

The classic chalkboard can be used as a grocery list in the kitchen. It's placed where everyone can see it, and since it can be used and re-used, again and again, it's not only practical but eco-friendly, as well.


2. Wall Decoration

The entire wall in this room is a giant chalkboard giving the possibility to be as creative as one desires. The owners' have therefore adorned this room with drawings of picture frames, an umbrella, and even a book drawn directly on the table in chalk, as well. The wall decoration in this room gives the room a vintage and creative feel.


3. Furniture Decoration

Besides being used as wall decoration the chalkboard can be used as furniture decoration as well. The dresser in the corner gives a whole new interpretaion of the classic chalkboard.


4. Personal Wall

The chalkboard can also be used as a personal wall where one can draw beautiful art, write inspirational quotes, post photographs, express love and gratitude, voice opinions, or just simply be creative.


5. Office To-Do List

The chalkboard can be used to boost your productivity too. A practical and highly-effective use of the classic chalkboard is as a to-do list for your home office or small business.

Employ it as a monthly, weekly or daily calendar that you can use to keep track of your tasks, projects and meetings.


6. Children's Creativity Wall

A wonderful use for your classic chalkboard could be as a creativity wall for your youngest children. The creativity wall could be an oasis for their young imaginations where they could explore their thoughts and express their creativity.


7. Inspirational Sayings

What better way to wake up than to read your favorite inspirational quote on the wall of your home. It gives you a powerful and positive message that you can draw inspiration from during your entire day.

And since its written on chalkboard this means that you can change the quotes as often as you wish.


8. Chalkboard Refrigerator

I mentioned earlier that chalkboards could be used as furniture decoration. However, you could take this concept further and create a DIY Chalkboard Refrigerator with chalkboard paint. Not only does the chalkboard surface in this instance perform a decorative function but indeed a practical one as well.

Use the chalkboard fridge to create grocery lists, write inspirational quotes, add cute drawings, create your family's weekly schedule and to-do lists, jot down recipes, or write notes.


9. Chalkboard Paint On Everyday Items

Expand the concept of the previous idea and you can use chalkboard paint on practically anything!

Use it to decorate coffee cups, herb gardens, cupboards, chairs, tables, mirror frames, spice racks, bookshelves, and much more.


10. Adding Faux-Ornaments

This is another creative and playful use of the classic chalkboard.

These chalkboard drawings create imaginative and playful faux-ornaments that enhance the already existing pieces of furniture in a room.


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