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10 Green home Tips

Updated on March 31, 2012

It has come to a point in the world where caring about the environment is essential. There are many people who, go out of their way to try and recycle, save, and dispose of thing properly. Many people still have the idea in their head that oh one more will not hurt or that someone else will do it. But, in reality it takes a common effort by everyone to help make the planet a little greener day to day. Below are 10 tips you can use at home, to help make the earth that much cleaner.

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1. The thermostat in your home can be a significant way to help cut down on carbon emissions. The less it runs the less energy you are using. Which in turn, does a couple of things for you and the earth. It cuts down on your monthly electric bill and it helps the power plants by not using as much coal to power your home. Turning it down for as little as one degree can be an significant savings for the earth and energy bill.

2. One way to cut down on green house emissions and reduce your carbon foot print from home is to find alternatives to cooling. One of the alternatives is not to run the air conditioner as much. One way to compensate to keep it cooler in the summer is to install ceiling fans. Ceiling fans use way less electricity and can be a enjoyable centerpiece to a room. So, in summer make sure it spins counter clockwise to help keep it cool. While in the winter to help the heat, reverse it and allow it to spin the other way.

3. With, so much new technology coming on the market one thing that people over look is there kitchen appliances. These new appliances out on the market have cut their power consumption almost in half with the new energy star ratings requirements. So, You can save even more money and continue to save the earth that much more with just installing new appliances in your home.

4. Checking you are pipes for any type of water leak is a significant water savings to you and a saving to the planet's water system. If, you have a leak, repair it right away because even a tiny leak can waste up to 20 gallons of water each week.

5. While, you are plumbing the new fittings and repairing any leaks check your toilet to see if it is a low flow toilet. Having a lower flow toilet works just as well and it can save a ton of water over a remarkably short time frame. If, you want to use one in your home, it can cut your water bill dramatically.

6. When you are moving or redecorating your home, remember to use the natural fiber linens. These are linens that are made from cotton or wool. These types of linings are admired because they are a natural renewing resource. They also come in thousands of different styles, and colors to match any d├ęcor.

7. Another way to save on cost with heating and cooling is using natural elements when redoing your floors, as well. Consider using products that are made from rapidly replaced natural resources like bamboo. It grows widely all over the world and makes perfect flooring that is natural and insulated.

8. There are hundreds of different quickly growing types of flooring and decorating materials you can use. There are hundreds of woods you can choose from that are made from a sustainable forest. So, do a little research, and see which woods are going to leave the earth that much healthier.

9. When you do your local shopping make sure that you are only buying products that are recyclable. Choosing the type of packaging you use can significantly accommodate the earth because of the recyclable materials that you are using. Choose products that are made from recycle components and that are easily bio degradable in any location.

10. People today are ordering more and more products over the internet which n turn means that more boxes and shipping materials are being used. These materials are an excellent way for people to help save the earth by properly recycling them. Or, choosing to use them again and again around their own home.

These are only ten tips, but there are literally hundreds of ways that you can help recycle and turn your home into a fully function green home. We all have to do our part, or there is going to be nothing left. Live Green.


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  • leeba ann varghes profile image

    Leeba Ann Varghese 5 years ago from India

    Interesting hub..

  • yougotme profile image

    Renz Kristofer Cheng 5 years ago from Manila

    This is a timely hub! I believe every household should try to lessen their ecological footprint. These are great tips that would be able to help in that bojective.

  • sumitsaurabhmca profile image

    sumitsaurabhmca 5 years ago from Delhi, India

    Great tips to make house green and carbon free. Liked it.