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52 Weeks 52 Tips to Living Green

Updated on March 31, 2012

There is an approach to going green. If, you decide to go green in your home try not to turn green all at once, resolve to do it one step at a time. Going green all at once will just make you give up in frustration, so make a commitment to do 1 thing a week for a full year and you will see it add up to more significant progress that you think. So, to start you out on your new year’s resolution of going green I have compiled a list of 52 different things that you can do each week to help you conserve your resources and save a ton of money at the same time.

1. A laptop uses only a quarter of power a desktop does. Consider investing in an only laptop home.

2. Reducing allergens in your home can help you stay healthier consider going to a no shoe home. Have your family and guess remove shoes prior to entering the home. Store them near the front door on a rack or in a jacket closet nearby.

3. There are many devices you can use to reduce energy costing your home one of them is with cooking devices. Try to use a slow cooker or a toaster oven to reduce the amount of energy your home uses for the smaller things you like to cook.

4. Having the correct air pressure in your vehicles tires can help improve your gas mileage efficiency tenfold.

5. If, you have a water heater in your home consider having it wrapped in insulation. This can help your carbon foot print by reducing your green house gases from the appliance by as much as 1000 pounds per year.

6. When you use your clothes washer consider only using cold water to wash your clothes this can save a ton of money on energy and water bills by not having to heat the water as often.

7. When you are, driving in your car try to make one trip or as few trips as possible. Bundle your errands into one and make a route using mapping software to find you the shortest distances to all the locations you need to go. This will also help your carbon foot print by not having to drive as much. Plus it saves money on all the gas you are saving by making only one trip.

8. Quality air freshens currently on the market are harmful to pets and newborns, Consider using a more natural air fresher like orange peels or apple cider vinegar.

9. Vinegar has always been a terrific way to clean without hazards chemicals. You can use it to clean the stove, coffee maker, or lime deposits in sinks.

10. If, your washing machine is ever filthy from washing muddy clothes, clean what you can out by hand and the rest just add a cup of vinegar and run through a wash cycle it will be as clean as a whistle.

11. When cleaning with vinegar use white vinegar or white apple cider vinegar the brown vinegar has a tendency to stain surfaces.

12. A good way to clean the tub of soap scum and mildew build up is to use a mix of baking soda, cap full of vinegar and environmentally green soap.

13. Set your computer to go to sleep after 10 minutes of not being in use. Or, better yet, shut the computer off if it is not going to be used for several hours or at night. You can save 200$ a year on electric just by doing this daily.

14. Having energy efficient appliances in your kitchen can cut your energy bills in half. Since most kitchen appliances account for 1/3 of a home’s energy, this can add up significantly over the year.

15. Check your refrigerator temperatures at least once a month, the optimal temperature for a refrigerator is about 35 degrees, and for a freezer about 3 degrees. If, your appliances tend to be different set them accordingly you will save a ton of money on energy by having them uniform.

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16. Check your local city guidelines for waste drop off and recycling. You can help save the planet one newspaper or bottle at a time. Plus some recycling plants will give you money for brining in your cans.

17. Where I live there are a lot of trains so when they pass I have a tendency not to want and sit in the middle of the road with the car running. So, if it is a long train ill turn the engine off if longer than 5 min wait time to conserve gas.

18. Energy star has splendid new programmable thermostats that can save you a lot of money each year by turning down the thermostat when no one is home or at night. Some families have saved up to 200 in just the first year alone.

19. One convenient way to economically and be environmentally friendly while clearing drains is to use natural bacteria. The natural bacteria will eat away at hair and other debris allowing our sinks and drains to function properly.

20. For those living in colder whether it is a terrific idea to insulate exposed piping in basements and crawl ways this helps prevent frozen pipes in the winter time. Along with an insulated hot water pipe it can be a tremendous energy and money saver.

21. Create and execute a home improvement energy saving plan. Whether it is new materials, appliances, or natural lighting. A lot of it can be done cheaply and effectively.

22. When searching for a home consider buying one that is within a certain space limits. Since, larger homes require more energy maybe you can do just superb in a smaller home.

23. When moving or searching for a new home, think about the green energy efficient advantages in you’re buying decision. This is the best time to think about future home cost is before you purchase one.

24. When searching for a home search for one that is within proximity to your work and life style. You will reduce your carbon foot print and save money on a number of things including your car.

25. Buy local naturally grown and energy efficient home products. If, a retailer does not have a product offering ask them. You may be surprised to get what you are searching for.

26. Formaldehyde is used in everything from rat poison to interior plywood, and particle board. It can also be present in plastics and drapes, so check and see if the manufacture includes these in their products and do not buy them, you can keep a lot healthier home.

27. Change out your shower head and use a more efficient model not only will you save water, but you can save money, as well.

28. An aerator -- that cylindrical device that threads onto the end of a faucet -- reduces the amount of water needed to do jobs such as hand washing and dish rinsing. Most local hardware stores carry them.

29. When you replace the water heater in your home always put it in the highest point t possible for your kitchen and bathrooms it takes a lot more energy and money to push water up then let gravity bring it down.

30. If you need to do any refitting on your plumbing work use PEX instead of copper piping. This type of piping is smaller and allows hot water to get to point of exit a lot faster saving money and reheating cost.

31. Protect our household from carbon monoxide an invisible gas that can cause sickness or death. Use a carbon monoxide detector from a local hardware store or hire a professional to come in and check your home your family is worth he extra cost.

32. When deciding to repaint your rooms in your home choose paints that are earth friendly and are low on toxicity. Many paints available today contain organic components that are biodegradable.

33. If, you have a project that requires fiber glass installation, check with the manufacture to see if it contains formaldehyde. If it does find an alternative fiberglass replacement.

34. Buying energy efficient appliances can be used in the laundry, as well. This is the place to your home that uses more water second to the kitchen and bath. Look for energy star rated appliances and low flow laundry machines.

35. Always have a professional do a mold check in your home if you have allergens or suspect a mold issue. These issues can be readily repaired. Like leaky roofs, leaky pipes, and even windows that are not sealed correctly.

36. Cooking and bathing produce moisture. Some tips to keep moisture contained and not spreading to the other part, so the house are keeping pots pans covers, Use proper ventilation in the bathroom, and always check for leaky pipes on a regular basis.

37. Help keep the outside of your home clean and clutter free. Check pipes and gutters regular for debris. Check trees and electrical lines and see f they are too close to the house. Make sure your foundations have a slope away from the house to channel running water, so it does not stay close to the foundation.

38. If your home was made prior to 1980s it is possible to have asbestos in it. Always make sure you take proper handling and disposal if such material. If you are unsure call a professional to dispose of it properly.

39. Always dispose of other hazardous waste like mercury which is found in older thermostats and in florescent bulbs properly.

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40. When doing projects that require wood larger than 2 x 10 consider using other materials to make or combine them together. Since these larger beams usually come from more endangered forest.

41. If, using solid wood for a project, select products with the Forest Stewardship Council label, certifying the wood was responsibly grown and harvested

42. Always have your home inspected to check for lead paints. These pains can be extremely hazardous to young children and pregnant woman.

43. Consider replacing older furnaces with new and energy efficient ones, save money and protect the earth one appliance at a time.

44. When you are, considering new technology to replace your existing like phones, TVs, VCR’s ect. Always look for the energy star rating when making a purchasing decision these will cut your electric bill 50 $ or more a year.

45. If you do not have a range hood over your stove consider installing one. They remove access moisture that could get into the walls and ceiling. Hood styles fans are less energy drains then most other ventilation system, so something to consider.

46. When buying paint never buy more than you need. Ventilate the painting area properly, and remember to install a fan blowing out of the room while painting for proper ventilation.

47. Carpets are natures natural dust collectors. They collect more toxins in a home then anything else. They harbor mites and other dust bunnies. Always have a decent energy star vacuum and do it at least once a week. If, a carpet gets wet, it will produce mold so replace it or remove it

48. Help keep the air in your home a lot cleaner by using canister vacuums this helps keep the dust and allergens stored better for disposal then vacuum bags.

49. Many pre scented product reduce indoor air quality even though they will smell fantastic for a short time. Consider going to more natural products for air fresheners that do not irritate skin or lungs.

50. The options on furniture products that are made with natural fibers are growing keep this in mind when shopping for home or office furniture.

51. Keep garages well ventilated and never store combustible products in a garage always store away from your main house to reduce the danger of explosion or air quality hazards.

52. When dusting consider using just ordinary water and a rag it does just a convenient a job as dusting spray cans with chemicals.

There you have it 52 tips for you to go greener within a year. Now you may not use all of them but the ones that you can I guarantee you will be helping the environment and saving money. So, what are you waiting for get living Green!!!


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  • Kadmiels profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Florida

    thanks :) every little bit helps mother earth

  • Christine P Ann profile image

    Christine P Ann 

    6 years ago from Australia

    Well done Kadmiels :)

  • Alma Cabase profile image

    Alma Cabase 

    6 years ago from Philippines

    We should aim to live green. We don't have any other earth so taking care of what we have today is very important.

    I really love hubs discussing these matters.



  • profile image 

    6 years ago

    Good hub. Interesting information. Thanks for sharing.


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