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10 Summer Projects to Prepare your Home for Autumn

Updated on March 11, 2011

As I write this article it is March and most of us are just starting to think about how we’re going to enjoy the springtime. However, before you know it summer is going to be here and then after that it will be autumn. Life gets bus in autumn, with the kids back in school and the many holidays creeping up on us. That’s why it’s important to use the longer days of spring and summer to prepare our homes for the perfect autumn.

Here are ten projects to do this summer that can help your home be perfect for when fall comes around:

1. Learn to crochet or knit. When autumn comes around we need to start preparing our homes for colder weather. One of the best ways to make a home warm is to toss handmade blankets liberally around the space so that they are easy to grab at any time. If you spend spring and summer learning to crochet or knit then you can make a blanket or two for your own home before the fall is here! As an added bonus, having lots of blankets around the house will reduce your need for additional home heating and help keep home energy costs low this autumn.

2. Organize your craft supplies. Crocheting probably isn’t the only craft that you’ll be engaging in once fall rolls around. You may do holiday crafts. You may do various school-related crafts with the kids. You may want to open a craft-based Etsy store. Whatever the reason, you probably have lots of craft supplies around the house. A great summer project is to find a way to organize those supplies to make crafting easier all throughout the year!

3. Create a great homework space for your kids. By the time that autumn gets here you’re going to be too busy to get a space ready for your kids to do homework and they’ll probably end up working at the kitchen table yet again. Take time this summer to really create a great space for them to do their work. This space should include comfortable child-sized desks, an organized space for reading material, some baskets for homework and other school papers and a bulletin board where they can show off their best work from the new school year. Paint the area in bright happy colors. Remove any distractions like television sets.

4. Create a mudroom for your house. This is an area of the home that will come in handy once the hustle and bustle of the autumn months begins. Basically this is a space inside that serves as a transitional space between inside and outside. It is a place where you can wipe your feet, leave your muddy shoes, take off your raincoat and otherwise remove the dirt of the world before entering the calm of the rest of your living area. This space may also be a great place to store shoes, umbrellas, pet toys and strollers – anything that always goes from inside to outside and back again!

5. Make your own window seat. One dreamy project that I think is great for summer is to make your own window seat for one of the windows in your home. This is just a nice addition to any home and people of all ages can enjoy it. The best option is to create a built-in window seat with comfortable cushions and a storage area for books and magazines. But even just locating a great vintage bench that fits beneath your window can add a nice spot to your home. And when autumn does roll around you’ll be able to watch the leaves changing color from this new window spot!

6. Update your media room. For many people the fall months mean watching more TV. This can be sports games as basketball season and then football season arrive. It can be prime time TV as the new shows are released for the fall. Or it can be watching Netflix films during the evenings as the weather starts to get less appealing for outdoor activities. Spend the summer updating your media room to make it more enjoyable for everyone this fall!

7. Create a game room in your home. Autumn gets really busy for most families with back-to-school stuff, shorter days and impending holidays. It can be harder than ever to snag some good family time. If you have a game room in your house then it’ll be easier to step in there together and make some time for one another. This may be as elaborate as a full-on game room with a pool table or as simple as devoting a corner of the living room to board games.

8. Add seating to your kitchen. Another great way to encourage more family time during the busy months of fall is to get everyone to gather together in the kitchen as much as possible. Having your kids and spouse in there while you’re making meals and preparing lunches gives you additional quality time. To encourage this, add some more comfy seating to your kitchen. Add comfy cushions to folding chairs and place them along one wall or make a DIY bench to add seating around the table.

9. Get the guest room ready. If you often have guests in your home during the holidays then you should use the summer to make a really great guest room for them. Have fun with this area – your guests will appreciate it and it can always serve as a nice little getaway haven in your home for yourself when guests aren’t around!

10. Do that one home improvement project that you’ve been meaning to do forever. We all have one even though it’s different for each of us. What’s yours?!


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  • Hutchise profile image


    7 years ago from Georgia

    I really enjoyed reading your hub- great advice!

  • azure_sky profile image


    7 years ago from Somewhere on the Beach, if I am lucky :)

    Lots of great ideas to keep me busy! Thanks:)

  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 

    7 years ago from London, UK

    You are rushing a bit lol

  • Eiddwen profile image


    7 years ago from Wales

    I loved this one full of great ideas.

    thanks for sharing

    take care



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