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14 Items You Need For Your College Apartment

Updated on July 29, 2019

College Apartment Room

Command Hooks

1. Command Hooks

These babies are going to become your holy grail. Command hooks come in so many styles and varieties to meet your every needs. They are a great addition to your apartment because they are guaranteed to keep your walls save. Especially when we all know the cheap paint they slap on every year. Then any small mistake they see you made they will charge you. So these are great for hanging up pictures, posters, decorations, and even clothing items.

Drying rack

2. Drying Rack

I seriously wish I would have picked this up when I first moved in. I wasn't fortunate enough to have a washer and dry in my unit. We had a washer and dryer four flights up and all coin operated. They SUCKED. Seriously the worst ever. Half the time they never worked. Especially the dryer. I would run out of quarters and wait hours for my clothes to still come out damp. Having a drying rack is not only necessary for clothes you can't dry but for the clothes that won't dry in terrible dryers.

Power Strip

3. Power Strips

This should be a given for most people, but it is often forgotten on everyone's list. Its something every one uses and is often overlooked. More than likely you won't have a ton of power outlets or if you do they'll eventually get used up. That is why these come in so hand. They will also protect your items if the power goes out.

4. Streaming Stick

Most college apartments won't come accessible with cable or fixings for cable. If they do you are lucky or it is very basic. Regardless, it is so smart to buy a streaming stick. One for the living room and one for your room. There are so many options today, but I would recommend a fire stick or Roku. They are so easy and offer endless amounts of entertainment.

Wifi Router

5. Wifi Router

Again, should be a given. However, sometimes it is not always easy knowing what will be offered or not in you apartment. It is still super wise to bring your own wifi router. Even if they offer a router, you can use the spare for your own room. It will help if you have roommates because you will have your own connection that won't slow down with everyone else sharing it. You can pick up a cheap by efficient one from Walmart for less than $50.


6. Fan

You will seriously want this. I can tell you from first hand experience, it is miserable to live in an apartment without a fan. If you have roommates, I promise the temperature settings will always be an argument. Having a fan at least gives you a little more control over the temperature in your room. If you live in a colder state, the fan will come in handy during the winter. The apartments will trap in heat and sleeping at night is just horrible. Like I said it helps you have a little more temperature control.

Phone Charger

7. Long Phone Charger

I can't tell you what a difference this made. I struggled trying to use that itty bitty Apple charger that comes with your phone. You practically have to be attached to an outlet to use and charger your phone. I picked up several 10ft chargers from Amazon that are apple certified. CHANGED. MY. LIFE. They are so durable. I have been on the same one in my bedroom for almost two years. It is something you never knew you needed.


8. Disinfectant wipes

Again, probably a given but often forgotten on shopping trips to the store for supplies. These are great for pretty much any service. I know they're not environmentally friendly, but they are convenient especially with how gross your apartment might get. I liked using them for the bathroom primarily. It was easy to wipe down any surface and make it super clean. I used them heavily whenever someone was sick and touched any surface.

Air Freshener Spray

Heated Blanket

9. Air Fresh Spray

People smell. Things smell. Apartments smell. Especially when all of those things are revolving around college. Maybe you always make sure everything smells good, but your complex might not. Someone might burn something. Someone might forget to take out their trash. Whatever it is, you will want a stock pile of this. I seriously had a can for every room in the apartment. Always on hand.

10. Heated blanket

At first I was going to included a space heater, but then I got thinking and I don't think those are as practical. For one, I think those are a huge fire hazard and as a college student you cannot be responsible for that. I know there are smart products, but personally I just don't trust them. What I do trust and enjoy was a heated blanket. They usually have auto shut off modes on all of them. They heat up the one space that is most important: your bed. No need in trying to waste energy and electric to heat up a whole space. Plus it is far more portable than a space heater.

Plastic Dishware Set

11. Plastic dishware

When I first got an apartment, I thought it would be nice to own a good set of plates and glasses. Boy was I so wrong! I went through so many plates and cups. They all chipped or broke. It was not worth the expense. I eventually learned that using plastic dishware was way wiser and it definitely can look just as classy. You won't break any of it and it can last you a long time. Super easy to clean and not a lot of maintenance to them.

Storage Box

12. Storage boxes

Storage boxes are a must. Great if you'll be sharing an apartment. I used them a lot to bring back stuff to and from home and school. They're also needed to store you clothes for any season if you live in a colder state. You can find some super cute ones that don't look to hideous. Great too if you don't have much closet space for storage.

Water Filter Pitches

13. Water filter

I first bought a filter for the sink. It was a great purchase and worked well, but it really didn't fit for the style of our sink. So, we moved to the water filter pitcher. It can be annoying to have to fill up and even more annoying when the last person doesn't. But I highly recommend. You'll realize the expense of buying water bottles and going through so many. This saves the planet and saves you money.

Folding Chairs

14. Folding chairs

If you plan on having a lot of people over and being a host, this is something to consider. I don't recommend buying regular chairs as those would definitely take up a lot of space if you don't have a lot to begin with. We only have a couch and love seat and then 4 bar stools. It was never enough when we had people over. Getting folding chairs is so smart. They are easy to store, don't take up too much space, and no one will be forced to sit on the ground.


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